NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #10

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New Game Trailers 2019 Weekly #10 | Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Mortal Kombat 11, The Division 2, Rage 2, Gwent: Crimson Curse, Ni no Kuni 2 – The Tale of a Timeless Tome

00:01 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

02:46 Mortal Kombat 11

05:25 The Division 2

07:28 Gwent: Crimson Curse

08:06 Rage 2

09:56 Ni no Kuni 2


  1. Flat Sharp says

    Onimusha concepts

  2. jacob richards says

    They should make a shrek GTA but e for everyone

  3. jacob richards says

    Rage is just really dum but I will buy it and beat it on hardest difficultie cause it's waiting to be played by real gamer

  4. jacob richards says

    Like borderlands hope it's good cause the first one was kick ass!

  5. jacob richards says


  6. jacob richards says

    People need to get creative smaller things need to be enjoyed with the most detail

  7. jacob richards says

    To much

  8. jacob richards says

    To many characters with ideals

  9. jacob richards says

    To many times in video game and movies have seen intense beginnings and blah blah endings

  10. jacob richards says

    World's going to shit

  11. Hallowed Queen says

    I'm not going to lie the division 2 and rage 2 trailer gave me a gamer boner. Actually kind of want to play it

  12. L P says

    "Our capital has fallen, our leaders are dead or missing" Good finally some true freedom not this farce of a state that is the USA.

  13. Tymoteusz Gancarz says

    sekiro ni no kuni MK11 <3 nice

  14. The Grave walker says

    Shadows die twice is going to be awesome in a week when it’s released

  15. Dion Hatten says

    Main pic Looks like logan

  16. Adam Luther says

    Sekiro looks fun, but mostly like it'll just be something to tide people over until either Nioh 2, or Ghost of Tsushima release. Still, with no new Genji or Onimusha is many, many years, I'll gladly take it.

  17. Олег Петров says

    that for track in MK 11?

  18. Rich Kid says

    Graphic awesome gotta make it look real in reality?

  19. R C says

    Preorder waiting to pick up

  20. Kuro says

    hope sekiro comes with Japanese voice

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