NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #2

Xbox games trailers

NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 Weekly #2 | Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy XV, Absolver, Black Desert, The Walking Dead, Witchfire, Hyper Jam, Dead or Alive 6, Destiny 2

0:00 Cinematic Scene Powered by NVIDIA RTX

4:07 Metro Exodus

6:22 Absolver

7:57 Final Fantasy XV

8:51 Black Desert

9:47 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

11:01 Witchfire

12:26 Hyper Jam

13:04 Blast Zone! Tournament

13:04 Dead or Alive 6

14:10 Destiny 2


  1. Aldo Fitla says

    This is in real time….

    on a Nasa computer

  2. Abdulaziz Kodirov says

    There are no more strategy games huh?

  3. prematurebat 236 says

    OK the halo rip off armor definitely needs to be talked about

  4. Tân Nguyễn says

    tony stark not like this

  5. 이현우 says

    Star2 베껴버리노 ㄸㄷ

  6. Zatchary Belltucker says

    I lol'd when my ad got interrupted by an ad.

  7. บอล ซ่า says


  8. UpTopYuki says

    will black desert online finally have a OCE server?

  9. kevin white says

    Is this the Chinese copy of iron man

  10. Rezonite says


  11. nick smymee says


  12. emiliano NS says

    GAME trailers?
    stupid !
    they are cinematic of video plate technology demonstration

  13. panchito castillo says


  14. Keough Darklance says

    The 1st one wasn't even a game trailer

  15. Хуйня какая-то

  16. NEW [b]RTX[/b] GAME TRAILERS 2019

  17. 신현수 says


  18. Fat_Cat says

    11:02 I can't find this song (((

  19. 옛날동네아재 says


  20. Stone S says

    I didn't know a tech demo was considered a game trailer.

  21. 松見一郎 says

  22. Alexandr Fedorov says

    Хуйня какая то

  23. wes mac says

    Almost exact Copy of literally the entire starcraft trailer

  24. Saber Fay says

    For a second there i thought it was a new Starcraft game lol

  25. Arif Gunawan says

    And level 1 iron man

  26. Arif Gunawan says

    I think the good name is humanoid

  27. Ford Fairlane says

    Starcraft Flashback

  28. g perhan says

    all games are bs

  29. HS HansZio says

    삼각형의 악몽이… 삼각형 쓰지마세요 저주받아요!

  30. Fenrir Lokinson says

    Одна херня…печально.Прорыв технологии и застой в игрострое…

  31. Sambo Rambo says

    Metro sucks. insult to the book

  32. Ari Prahasta says

    Cinematic Scene Powered by Star Craft #ehh

  33. DK Movie Clips says


  34. カルボンサン says


  35. カルボンサン says


  36. 何これまんまアイアンマンのパクリで草

  37. 藤元拓 says


  38. paradox says

    Currently playing metro Exodus…

  39. Alan Day says

    I weep, video games are no longer cutting edge, they are mediocre, crippled web driven nightmares.

  40. Swex Max says

    Железный человек уже заебал

  41. Ryan McMeekin says

    2:08 that moment he knew he fucked up

  42. Ricardo Santos says

    Are Asian game developers stuck in time? I mean, more MMO? there's a reason Kojima is so successful, he refuses to do what everyone else around him is doing.

  43. Ricardo Santos says

    Nvidia working hard to remove people from reality. PLEASE continue NVidia

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