NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #21

  1. Diefordethklok says

    14:17 when you’re hoping for a code name: kids next door game

  2. Tymoteusz Gancarz says

    nice 🙂

  3. Ethan D says

    is it just me who thinks this "Dauntless" just looks like a weird version of Monster Hunter?

  4. Wouter de vries says

    Didn't they abandon Elsweyr cause the story was ripped from a DnD story? Or was that a different game? I dunno with Bethesda anymore.

  5. goodgoy 999 says

    Thank goodness most of these shit games are "Epic exclusives".

  6. theartist Diamond says

    11:20 Expansion for Mutant Year Zero. Thank you!

  7. Slinq Linque says

    wow a sad year for gaming

  8. muhammad said ramadhan rizon says

    why in years so many low graphic games

  9. Sentenza Sad Hill says

    Only shit game

  10. Grand Theft Auto 1: Here, copy my homework but change it a little.
    American Fugitive: Makes it 3Dimensional

  11. GameBlast says

    20:18 Thomas the tank engine updated version

  12. Moroni Albornoz Castro says

    Being honest, there is two thing i dont like in a game like A Plague Tale: A female character, and the fact you cant use a weapon.

  13. Raging Monk says

    Was watching the Elsweyr clip and thought, "kinda sounds like Alduin's voice". "Game looks like a cheap knock off of Skyrim or something". Turns out it is. lol

  14. WTF are these games

  15. Mr HQ says

    Is your channel monotized ????

  16. MetalHead367 says

    A Plague Tale Innocence looks interestihg, but would have benefitted greatly with a more open world.

  17. person man says

    9:56 somthing about that scream is oddly familiar

  18. Paul Phoenix says

    africa 10 million years ago,really

  19. Trueflight Silverwing says

    A Plague tail looks like an interesting concept for a game, but at the same time, they took one of the most frustrating and hated game mechanics and turned it into a full game.

    Escort Mission, the game!

  20. SparksFly says


    I honestly only liked “observation”. It looked genuinely interesting.

  21. Mr. Kim says

    which is that with inception like scene from the Ubisoft ads?

  22. Flo Sas says

    Downvote because no timestamps

  23. ECR says

    sad 2019

  24. Rex Lais says

    4:52 another empty open world game with no story narrative and pure solo walking around the world how creative…

  25. 5602jerry says

    more of the same

  26. The faithlessS says

    a good week for trailers

  27. Romulus Numitor says

    Humans didn't come from monkeys you stupid fucking atheist cocksuckers. STOP PUSHING A FUCKING THEORY

  28. dauntless = free copy of monster hunter from epic. not cool

  29. bimbore colore says

    0 interrest in plague tale

  30. Green Birt says

    го взаимку народ

  31. Erantha Rasanjana says


  32. Warrior of the Light says

    2010 -> nowadays games are so shit

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