NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 | Weekly #6

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NEW GAME TRAILERS 2019 Weekly #6 | Apex Legends, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Chernobylite, Metro Exodus, Anthem, Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, World War Z,

0:00 Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

1:07 Chernobylite

2:01 Metro Exodus

5:58 Anthem

7:06 Mortal Kombat 11

9:31 Days Gone

11:44 Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

12:27 World War Z

13:19 Apex Legends

14:55 Monster Hunter World


  1. elprincipe blck says

    suscribete dejar like comenten y yo hare lo mismo

  2. Mikka H says

    Sekiro seems like it's patterned after Rurouni Kenshin xD

  3. Rewbenn Hernandez says

    Is that the fucking windigo in the Witcher

  4. Androplay India says

    Metro exodus was awesome

  5. Wem G says

    Metro Exodus seems to be a great game. Hopefully, the finished product does not stray too far away from the trailer.

  6. Altuwa Kaz Post says

    Stalker херноблят чтоо русское песня

  7. Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị says

    Khót khúc ?

  8. Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị says

    Viên ? tiên
    Trúng vào đầu
    Ném đúng đẹp

  9. Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị says

    Viên ? đào tiên
    Trúng vào đào đầu

  10. Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị says

    Con nhộng
    Lật đật
    Khác nhau ở

  11. Justanotherfacepalm says

    Whats more annoying than Pc or console exclusives….

  12. Asian ninja says

    Бляяя как ару с "русской песни" про Фреди Крюгера из трейлера Chernobylite или как там

  13. twinkleglowbug says

    zombie zombie zombie… yawn

  14. EXHALER Wolf says

    mortal kombat one is trash

  15. Praduman Kumar says

    Best game sekiro

  16. Trailers dosn't locks like the reality in games, shame

  17. Black Dragon Studios says

    Metro looks amazing!
    If you have 40 seconds feel free to stop by and check our our new VR games trailer:
    Thanks guys.

  18. Kayenne54 says

    Aren't you guys sick of "start the level, kill the monsters, move to next level"…? Doesn't matter if it's post apocalyptic, primal world, new star system, or running around someone's basement…they seem all the same to me. Go here, do that, kill everyone or everything, go to next level, go there do that kill everything. Whatever. Boring as hell. Which, by the way, is boring. Hell I mean.

  19. Uzhas Ua says

    Metro Exodus is epic!

  20. Beautiful World says

    I don't like the game bcz too much electronic graphics

  21. よこ says


  22. Nathan Redd says

    Got goosebumps man…. The Witcher X Munster Hunter is just DOPE!!!

  23. Mud's breaks says

    this is ps 3 games??

  24. Steven Tautho says

    Metro Exodus as a game is better than Fallout 76 they really got that post apocalyptic vibe in the right

  25. limoncy zhang says

    shiit apec legend so many cheater right now

  26. Ivan Salcedo says

    Chernobylite looks promising

  27. Whothus_ka Gaming says

    The trailer of metro exodus sent me shivers

  28. Whothus_ka Gaming says

    The 1st one.
    The old man sounded like kratos of GOW4

  29. мерзко смотреть на новое метро.

  30. Colwyn Savy says

    You think that with this type of animation detail in the trailers, they should really be movies or a series. I can imagine the popularity it would bring

  31. 안준령 says

    크흐 메트로는 진짜기대된당 ㅠㅠ

  32. the person below me is gay says

    Kinda seem like gintama there

  33. Xamiakass says

    1:45 why on earth didn't they just get a russian girl to sing in russian? And voice would sound better and it'd at least resemble russian language ???

  34. I thought that Eagle Jump's new story will be made as a movie.

  35. Redbar Gaming says

    At 6:02 I can confirm the game is straight trash.

  36. Excalibur says

    Monster Hunter world became Witcher 4 ??? lol

  37. Trinity says

    Wither does not go well with monster hunter worlds

  38. Just-in K. says

    Spoiler alert:the one with the 3D animation is the best

  39. Kevin Hower says

    ANTHEM is a busted failed game, Mortal Combat is micro transaction trash, Days gone is just another generic survival horror, CTR is just a Mario kart rip-off, World War Z is just COD zombies, and The Witcher 3 Hunter X crossover just looks awful. Metro Exodus and Cyberpunk 2077 are the only decent games for 2019 so far.

  40. Junwoo Kim says


  41. SWAM says

    This is fire?

  42. CAP MEDIA Prototype says


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