New Game Trailers & Updates MAY 2019

  1. The FELLA says

    The AI in This land looks terrible and thats in the trailor which we all know wont look like the real thing so it will prob be worse.

  2. Roberto Montes de Oca says

    Dont worry guys, the fact that it{s from the main series doesnt mean its canon

  3. Tianx says

    BFV, what a joke. Cannot even make a decent trailer.

  4. I was thinking about the Indians, this RDR2 update. ???

  5. mgtow stop ating me says

    Can't wait to take sell some liquor to some Indians for some landddddd

  6. Steve Kottman says

    this land is my land – superb looking action, promises are interesting, still using fallout3 rag doll bodies

  7. Zargon Gameron says

    Settlers 8 Settlers 8!?

  8. Anto Batta says

    They just won't learn at DICE, will they ?

  9. Rounak Biswas says


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