New Game Trailers & Updates MAY 2019

  1. APlaceHolder BPlaceHolder says

    lol dayz mechanics.

  2. Ed Gordon says

    Song in 9:58 pls

  3. Boolin On Mars says

    Dont fall for the DayZ meme

  4. Sean says

    lol dayz is in this list… hahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. kabie bebe says

    Channel need some changes, begin to look the monotonous…..

  6. Chris Allie says

    My God, they just won't make a game i want to play! Argh!

  7. Pavlo Tverdokhlib says

    Bloodlines 2 will have Malkavians at launch.

    Best timeline confirmed.

  8. MetalHead367 says

    The only one that has potential is Vampires The Masquerade 2. Everything else is very generic and boring.

  9. Zargon Gameron says

    11:14 Settlers 8? Settlers 8?????? No that's not Settlers 8!!!!!!!???

  10. Draknatas lol says

    sry to say that but just to cut some vids together and write under it is kinda not really informative…

  11. Marius Sandberg says


  12. Jagdpanzer 1944 says

    Post Scriptum the bloody framerate

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