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Learn more about Nintendo Switch Online!​

With a Nintendo Switch Online* membership, you’ll get access to online play in compatible games, a growing catalog of classic NES™ titles with newly added online play, and cloud backup for your save data in compatible games. Plus, you can enhance your online experience with features available through the smartphone app and receive special offers. There are options for both individual and family memberships (up to 8 users). Level up with a Nintendo Switch Online membership!

*Persistent Internet and compatible smartphone required to use app. Data charges may apply. Nintendo Account age 13+ required. Online play, Save Data Cloud backup and Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app features available in compatible games. Not available in all countries. The Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Purchase and Subscription terms, apply.

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  1. 774 says

    Came here just to dislike.

    I’m paying for my internet so let me use it. The 3DS was better.

  2. it's8oclock says


  3. The reason why it has mores dislikes then likes is because the Nintendo Switch online isn't free

  4. Nyoki Cosey-Brown says

    People were like on switch in tile Nintendo online was like😡

  5. PrincePond says

    I love Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch but the online paid service is a dumpster fire

  6. Kristina Kristin says

    Online Play

  7. Luigi guy says

    I wish the online was still free… 🙁

  8. MegStuff says

    Why, WHYYYY, W H Y

  9. Dog VcfdrOFFICIAL says


  10. Hank 28 says

    When I said I wanted to return to 2018, this isn’t what I meant.

  11. Cow Brothers Incorporated says

    more suffering more scamming more dislikes

  12. Cow Brothers Incorporated says


  13. Waykiipedia says

    Le online est très flatte et pas très rentable je conseille vraiment le service de Xbox qui est plus rentable, pourquoi Nintendo a pas pris exemple sur les services comment Xbox.Vous êtes derrnier pour le online qui meilleur gratuitement comme celui de la Wii, DS etc… Le seul abonnements qui est bien que pour Smash etc… mais les serveurs ne sont pas stables. Je me suis fais ejecter plusieurs fois sur Mario Kart. Rendez-vous contes que c'est Nintendo, NINTENDO. Dommage pour les serveurs Wii etc.. qui ferme juste pour ça ! Je suis dessu..

  14. TrialMester Gaming says

    This is seriously anti consumer it should be free like with mobile and PC I am a console player with a PS4 and a switch I suffer without PS plus

  15. Superior. Sonic says

    Oh my goodness look at those dislikes
    👁👄👁. Btw Remember when we could play Smash for the Wii and Wii U online for free?
    Yea me to.

  16. ZAINO DYALI says

    The only thing that i love in this video, it's the animations and Bowser being a good father.

  17. ZAINO DYALI says

    Not gonna lie, i am very disappointed…Nintendo, i thought you were better than this…

  18. P & P Heard says

    0:26 Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bup having fun on Splatoon 2 0:30 Bowser Koopa Jr is in on the fun 0:45 Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Red Bup, Peach, Kinopio, Bowser Koopa and Bowser Koopa Jr having fun

  19. Henry The Gaming Stickmin says

    The service sucks.

    But Princess Peach looks so gosh darn adorable here!

  20. John Wall says

    Because the kids playing pokemon and mario brothers are gonna have parents willing to pay for this lmao

  21. floba says

    hey remember when you didn't have to pay to play with your friends yeah well ya have to now

  22. Ved Chanda says

    The comments have more likes than the whole video

  23. Crispy_ says

    I feel like The Nintendo switch could be a lot better with free online play kinda like PS4

  24. Ghidorah YT says

    Sonic: comes in Hey Mario And Friends What Is That Console
    Mario: Nintendo Switch
    Sonic: Okay Can I Buy One With Rings
    Mario: Yes Also With Money And Coins
    Sonic:*Buys Switch*
    Mario: It's The Right Version
    Sonic: plays sonic mania Whoa Thats Cool

  25. galaxia says

    The shittiest service, crappy connections and playing worldwide seems impossible many times.

  26. bigkitty151 says

    Yep, this is why you see me on steam

  27. Josh Horn says

    You really don’t need to reupload a video!

  28. Markykku says

    Petetion:bring back Free to play online and virtual console

  29. El Neo Basado says


  30. baconhairgamer says

    Thanks for the nintendo switch online now I cant play what I love

  31. Marcus Miller says

    Do You think You guys can change NES to classic games on Online Membership cards?

  32. Kira Kin says

    Okay, so first you need to pay nearly 300 for the switch, and then pay like 60 for the games then 20 dollars for online?! It might even cost more if you bought cute accessories or a new case.

  33. Super Mario Odyssey says


  34. Kamalox gamer says

    I dont wanna play with you anymore…

  35. Kamalox gamer says

    Thats the worst idea in my life, PAY MORE well rip 500 dollars 1 nintendo 2 . 2 games 3. THIS . THIS CAN'T GET WORSE!

  36. Only You says

    The only good thing about this service was cloud data, anything was meh
    Nintendo always stubborn

  37. Northicas says

    When will nintendo switch online app come to turkey

  38. glydif says

    Super Mario maker 2 is useless everytime your membershit expires.

  39. Alan Calderón says

    I'd rather pay double if it was decent

  40. Your._.Local_Idiot:) says

    Everbody was able to do that already you didn't need to add online membership

  41. Wushu 武術 Master says

    I miss the times, that playing online was free.

  42. Jarrod Easton says

    Woah. I just got a switch lite and wow it seems as if nintendo online is bad. 🤣

  43. Etxrnal Jerry says

    news flash buddy nobody cares about this stupid online system of yours

  44. Hollow dude says

    Imagine having to pay to save your data

    -pc user

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