NO MAN'S SKY BEYOND Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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NO MAN’S SKY BEYOND Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
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  1. miguel baia says

    Update is Free??

  2. Your Father says

    What you do rather than walk?

  3. Lil Star XO says

    Shut up and take my credits!

  4. Striker KZ says

    Careful, ton of hate in the comments.

  5. Bandar Alfadhel says

    More like no mans inventory

  6. T Turner says

    Same as always, you never see anyone doing anything but exploring.

  7. aansteker says

    Some people like to be fucked over and over again..

  8. charles barkson says

    I'll start playing again when that game is finally done

  9. AssCrown says

    Can you have sea and flying creature mounts too?

  10. D F says

    Well at least if this one sucks you can just wait for steam to give you a full refund like last time

  11. ObsceneNova says

    This game is actually okay now and what I wish we got at launch


    Thats just fuckin Astroneer

  13. Ain't me Bruh says

    If they are doin the same shit they did back in the first game im gonna lose my shit

  14. Andrés Arocha says

    If this is not a DLC but a new game this will be a nightmare.

  15. Carlos Rosario says

    Not this again

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