Nowhere, Michigan – Trailer

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This award wining independent film stars three time Emmy nominee Tequan Richmond as David, a man on the run from a brutal murder, who hides out in the last place anyone will look for him, a tiny town in Michigan’s frozen Upper Peninsula. The colorful locals become integrally woven into David’s life. Madison (Jenna Boyd), a pregnant bartender with a rough past and hard nosed attitude; April (Christina Scherer), a girl-next-door waitress who can barely conceive of a world outside her hometown; Martin (Richard Riehle), an older, gruff ice fisherman who is deeply suspicious of David; and Erin (Ashlie Atkinson), a wannabe gangster who is both threatened by and idolizes David. But one wrong move gives David away and his past comes crashing back with a vengeance. Now he’ll have to choose between running for his life and protecting the people he has come to love.


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