ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

ODE TO JOY Official Trailer (2019) Martin Freeman, Morena Baccarin, Romantic Comedy Movie HD
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  1. JADE MOJICA says

    La parte 1 me dio una peresa ?

  2. JuegaConJota says

    Morena Baccarin and Bernaddete beautifull

  3. Jau imperfect says

    Who remembers the series the VISTORS

  4. Mariana moba LEGENDS says

    si el hobbit se ligo a la chica de deadpool xq yo no a la chica de mis sueños ? soy gordo ?

  5. oscar l. says

    Morena Baccarin is one of the most vile person in Hollywood according to multiple sources, so I am passing this one by.

  6. Epic Rants says

    When Bilbo Baggins has a growth spurt and is no longer a manlet

  7. Flamez says

    Me: Finally a Beethoven movie!
    * sees that it’s not*
    Me: FU…..

  8. Katrina K says

    This actually looks so good. I can't wait to see it!

  9. lukus black says

    Not that I'd miss anything with Baccarin, but this looks particularly hilarious.

  10. Taco Baco says

    Wow. Another movie romanticizing and profiting from a serious and rare disease.

  11. Sheri Alexander says

    Good to see Plop out there making movies!

  12. Gmail User says

    No one:

    Captain Obvious: Morena Baccarin is such a dish.

  13. WanRussian says

    Whats the song in This trailer

  14. top kek says

    The priest is the high sparrow xd

  15. FatalSpades says

    Only reason I clicked on this is because the actress in the thumbnail is from Gotham

  16. 88Netor says

    Soooooooo cuckold the movie ?

  17. DARK PRISM says

    Ahh! a movie that promotes cheating, nice.

  18. Gonads1259 says

    I'll pass, thanks.

  19. Dan Abrahams says

    Let's Go Mets – lie this purely for that reason 😉 #LGM

  20. Merritt Artim says

    The fact that they’ve got cataplexy all wrong in this really bothers me… You’re fully conscious with cataplexy but your muscles just give out. And if he has cataplexy, then he really has type one Narcolepsy. I just kind of wish they’d actually do their research beforehand

  21. fumblerooskie says

    Morena Baccarin is dreamy.

  22. Geralb 4u says

    I actually wanna see this movie

  23. billybrooks1 says

    I've had a thing for Joy ever since she was banging Mike in Homeland

  24. RedDragonM1 says

    Here's how it ends…the wall explodes…and it's DEADPOOL! "Huh?!? Venessa?! What the fuck!!?" and Freeman is like "Uh..you see.." "SHUT IT, BILBO!" and Deadpool shoots him in the knee! "The book was short! It didn't need THREE FUCKIN MOVIES!! Venessa, let's go home…I wanna see if I can get my taco on!"

  25. phanchesterinski says


    Also, is that a real illness because damn.

  26. Ahmed abou Alfadl says

    ىسكس في

  27. chief 1 redwolf says

    Guard your heart above all else Jesus said and no good thing will he withhold from those who diligently seek him ?❤️???

  28. Douchy McDouche says

    You know this would be a lot funnier if they replaced cataplexy with premature ejaculation.

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