ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE Teaser Trailer (2019) One Piece Movie

“Animation Movie” trailer

One Piece: Stampede Trailer – 2019 Animation Movie
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About One Piece: Stampede:
The movie takes place during the Pirate Festival Expo, “made by pirates, for pirates”, where pirates all over the world, including some of its most infamous ones, join in for a big treasure hunt to find a lost treasure, this time the treasure belonged to none other than Gold Roger!

One Piece: Stampede Trailer © Toei Animation


  1. New Trailer Buzz says

    Japanese Teaser for the upcoming One Piece Movie! Are you as hyped as me?

  2. pecinta gaming says

    kl liat trailernya kayakx ga seru,,, mudah"an movienya seru ???, smga sehat terus oda-sensei semangat ????

  3. BE HAPPY says


  4. Good Vibe Sounds says

    lmao this shit not no fucking movie …and yall dumb if yall believe it

  5. HEROIC-LION says

    One Piece is REALLY over…. DAMMIT!

  6. Christan Guifarro says

    So the worst generation few of 7 warlord and only 2 of the emperor of sea r feature with koby smoker hina full body Django sentomaru and the adrimal. Buggy will mess up and be expose by douglass haven’t seen alvida search for luffy and be her name

  7. Letho of Gulet says

    So it's a different treasure from the One Piece?

  8. Josean F. Morales says

    I love Douglas Bullet's design so much! ?

  9. Wolf Gang says

    I need the date

  10. An Dre says

    Eichiro Oda… pliss sir.. make the end this manga one piece… we tired to wait …week of the week from 22 years a go…
    Hh.. ??…

  11. Aeronpaul Abrigondo says

    The date release August 9 2019

  12. K.G.B says

    200th like

  13. Ahmad Tou says

    Wtf ??where is jinbi

  14. francesco faleni says

    the last ponyegliph

  15. Velin Caroline Hua says

    Wow I Love One PieCe Merchandise!!! Gomu Gomu no Bound Tank Snake Man Giga Kingkong Bazookaaa!!!! ???

  16. ROCKETJEFF Matejek says

    Looks awesome!

  17. legendary king stream says

    ????????????????????another one piece movie omg??? ?

  18. Boruto Uzumakii says

    How much ussops bounty?

  19. Bugsy Siegel says

    One Raep

  20. tyx says


  21. hylianchriss says

    I love One Piece so much but I have no interest in these non-canon "shark jumping" movies. And I especially don't like when they force them into canon like with "Shiki" and god knows what else. I wish some of this budget would go to the anime instead 😀

  22. ĐARK AJ WØŁF says


  23. احمد الحيدري HD says


  24. nAve Evan says

    what the hell was that?

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