ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
© 2019 – Bandai Namco

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  1. Hưng Phấn says

    Switch gamer: :(((((+

  2. Mr. Cinematic says

    AWESOME!! I'm Glad for this!!

  3. Some Guy From The Internet says

    Another half-assed Jump game!

  4. Heaven's Door44 says

    Is metal bat included?

  5. Heaven's Door44 says

    When did Mumen Rider gotten stronger????

  6. Healy Plays says

    It's about time 😀

  7. Christian Oliver Rafael says

    I would rather pick Dragon Ball Z Multiverse than this one. But let's see

  8. ninjas uncle vonte says

    Plzzzz dont tell me its just like jump force and not free roam

  9. アジア人 says

    0:54 mumem bout to kick saitamas ass

  10. Mega Halo Productions says

    God just come out already!!

  11. Eyernav says

    seriously no one thought the possibility of saitama vs saitama

  12. Babino’s TV Entertainment says

    Not true I’m pretty sure they gone have boros to damage saitama on game and the monster king from season two plus garou and suiryu

  13. PopcornX JUdi says

    Weird game but to create game like
    Dynasty warrior than it very good.

  14. Unleash Your Skill says

    Just a guy who's a gamer for fun.

  15. Edwin Diaz says

    Is this a joke ahahah

  16. Ares.tàicho says

    Mumen rider FTW

  17. CallMeGaia says

    Mumen Rider gives me Hercule vibes from Dragonball Fighting Games XD

  18. Jarq says

    Saitama with permanent super armor.. literally pick to win lmao

  19. maxxzero1 says

    If I have control in producing of this game, I would have open world with all the cities in danger where you go and fight to gain rank as well as tournament battles. And hero/monster character creation. For this be a viable game.

  20. moifernam says

    Now it's a lame game because its not for Nintendo switch

  21. BusyFreezy says

    Ahahahahahha what a game could be about a hero who wins in 1 punch

  22. Officer Flat Foot says

    Literally a game you cant lose

  23. Why not just do it 2d route like Dragon Ball fighterz ???‍♂️

  24. FinalShineInc AMV's says

    win by default. the game.

  25. peteey jay says

    why do all anime fighting games look the same dog shit from naruto, jump force, my hero and play even worse then they look

  26. Rise Up says


  27. OmegaWaffles Btw says

    You show me Mumen Rider but no Garou…

  28. Bricka Crick says


  29. AsphaltFirst says

    Why is it always Bandai namco who makes these anime games…

    Another ruined game

  30. Rexor says

    Ha! I'll crush my opponents in online matches just by using Saitama! Wahahahah!

  31. charles barkson says


  32. Atiq ur Rahaman says


  33. EN7171 says

    Looks like you can play as other hero's so that looks cool… But playing as One Punch Man seems a bit… Over-Powered

  34. The Midnighter says

    Rather have a rpg set in the world of one punch instead

  35. Bruce Wayne says

    No thanks. Every recent bandai arena fighter has been dog shit.

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