ONWARD 'Dad Beginneth' Official NEW Trailer (2020) Tom Holland, Chris Pratt Animation Fantasy HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official NEW trailer for Onward, an animation movie starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland. In theaters March 6, 2020.

Set in a suburban fantasy world, Disney•Pixar’s “Onward” introduces two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary quest to discover if there is still a little magic left out there.

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  1. 福田美香 says


  2. PizzaForest says

    This gets me hype!

  3. Michael Brent says

    Can we all agree that this movie is way better than brave because it has real fairytale creatures.

  4. Diego Pisfil says

    Spies In Disguise meets Bright

  5. G1 Grimlock says

    I love Manticore

  6. My dude says

    Looks like their dad is half the man he used to be lmaoo

  7. _CactusJuice says

    Tom Holland is now American?

  8. Chronas says


  9. Clemya says

    I❤️ love you

  10. CoolisticPlayz Official says


  11. J J. R. Show says

    First one here

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