ONWARD Official Trailer (2019) Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Disney Movie

  1. //AKA-89// says

    0:19 that place looks a little bit like Vormir ?)

  2. juan Romero says

    Los dos Peter XD

  3. ERIKA BOYD says

    "ugh, unicorns."
    *unicorn hisses then flies away

  4. Purpolpukepanda a says

    Everyone say it with me…


  5. Kelsey Mettler says

    not the first time chris and tom worked together

  6. I am a simple person i read Tom Holland i click

  7. CatKat Animations says

    I dont know what to think rn

  8. Octo-Kid says

    Lol star lord and Spider-Man become Disney princesses

  9. Joshua Oh says

    This is like a friendly kid version of Bright

  10. Samuel Long says

    Avengers 5 Starlord Spiderman showdown

    This movie is about Spiderman trying to bring back his beloved Uncle Ben. But, Starlord tries to stop him because his father died and wants Peter to cope with the fact that Ben is gone

  11. sarai ayala says

    I saw a unicorn and a mermaid ??‍♀️

  12. mari miqiani says

    can't wait :X :X this soundtrack fits so well wanna cry :X :X <3 <3

  13. themad man says

    I really wanna watch this o~o and honestly thats saying something since I stopped liking Disney animations after my cousin forced me to watch nemo like 50 times ( that's not even exaggeration either)

  14. PopCuteLizzie YT says

    Cometh soon

  15. PH Lovejoy says

    This is just Shrek

  16. Husky Art says

    This movie looks awesome regardless of the voice actors

  17. mgilbertism says

    Why can't the makers put in several stars from Disney Channel in and also put in some decent songs. I would also like to watch other trailers and clips about this amazing movie, please.

  18. Grace Condit says

    Secret behind the scenes leaked footage of what Starlord and Spiderman were doing while waiting to be un-snappified

  19. London Tait says

    The visuals are great but the storyline seems really generic. Defiantly not crazy original. I just get Hotel Transylvania vibes from this.

  20. the sisters show says

    i liked this

  21. Aimenn Penny says


  22. Starry Night says

    I'm pretty sure that every single person watching this is just here because Tom Holland AND Chris Pratt were both in the title.

  23. Starry Night says

    Quill, are you making your voice deeper?

    . . .


  24. DPProgramming says

    Am I the only one who thinks Chris Pratt’s voice doesn’t fit his character?

  25. Sasageyo- oh wait

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