ONWARD Official Trailer (2020) New Pixar Animation Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

ONWARD Official Trailer (2020) New Pixar Animation Movie HD
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  1. Sebastian rivera says

    Looks trash

  2. Shaggy has Cancer says

    Looks like f-ing LA

  3. Grubsirrah Simon says

    2020 ????

  4. Geert Matthys says

    The concept is a fail, they present the fairy thingies as humans so it'll be anticlimactic when they return to magical gay forest things at the end. Magic can't be recaptured if you demean it right from the start and make them all 'human'

  5. thebeardedjohn says

    Looks generic as FUCK

  6. Tiana Roberge says

    criss prat

  7. The-Island of-Sicily says

    Star lord and Spiderboy have a road trip

  8. Chantel miller says

    this is what spider-man and star lord the Avengers do on their day off from saving the universe like to agree

  9. C J says

    The sceneries looks amazing, but I’m missing the old Pixar vibe, aimed more towards adults too. WALL•E, Ratatouille,.. Loved those! Hope to see more of those soon!

  10. mushroom boy says

    Starlord and spider man team up movie I'm in

  11. Cosplaying_smol_bean says

    Elves? No honey, those are trolls from Homestuck.

  12. Julien Andrus says

    Trolls 2 looks great!

  13. Dare To Do says

    Disney always introduce the best animated blockbusters every.again nice work – best movie

  14. Bela Lugosi says

    I already like the cool metal, happy blue big brother XD

  15. doobiesmoke15 says

    Why are the elves blue? Why do the unicorns have wings?

  16. win shwe says

    For some reasons the younger brother looks like the wimpy chef from ratatouille.

  17. Серж Владимыч says

    What this music?

  18. Sweet Pea says

    I wonder how the mermaids survive without water?

  19. Buddha Fang says

    0:32 Toll troll!

  20. Jovanna Ferrer says

    Why does the main character low key radiate gay energy,,,,

  21. Destiny Stanbery says

    I didn’t even notice it was Tom Holland ?
    Also any Tom Holland fan pages that see this … there is a street in Huntington Texas called Tom Holland road . True story

  22. Elena Rose says

    We’ve been wondering what had happened in the soul stone….

  23. Brejan says

    You know, urban fantasy used to be about putting magic into our everyday world. Now with stuff like Bright and this it feels like it's more about sucking the magic out of the fantastical world.

  24. Jacob Hinton says

    Its bright. Like seriously.

  25. Dubious says

    Officila and Anuimation

  26. xthefinalbulletx43 says

    They should've hired Jack black for older brother I mean come on his voice would be perfect for him

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