ONWARD Official Trailer (2020) Tom Holland, Chris Pratt Pixar Animated Movie HD

  1. Sakura Book says

    Toy story, Incredibles, and Coco who made this movie, wow ??

  2. Praveen Loganathan says

    stan lee: good bye kids, and peter, i am leaving everything to you boy, so now you go onward yourself son.
    peter: which one?

  3. XxZodiac WolfxX says

    two Peters together

  4. Jinhunter Slay says

    …I hate this

  5. ilichuu says

    this is where they were when they were dust

  6. But Why says

    I see Tom Holland, i click

  7. On CrYsiS says

    Finally…..these two being in a movie that's not mcu!…

  8. CrabEnchanter says

    diary of a wimpy kid 420,069

  9. Connor Surette says

    1:14 So in this world… unicorns are the equivalent of raccoons?

  10. Darth Wookie says

    lol were is were are the avengers when you need them

  11. edry lai says

    take my maaaaneeeyyy!

  12. FoxDie85 says

    I still don't know why they don't use actual professional voice actors?!.

  13. Emine Omer says

    Major fantasy high vibes

  14. Aaron Samuels says

    So…. Starlord (Chris Pratt) and Web head (Tom Holland) Star as basically ?‍♂️

  15. findme iseeu says

    2020 huh

  16. Twix Jilal Official says


  17. baldi love love says

    Goo gone through

  18. warren byrne says

    (Gasps)Oh,boy. Already a trailer?

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