ONWARD Trailer #1 NEW (2020)Tom Holland Disney Animated Movie HD

  1. Aubrie Elliott says

    I came here for Tom Holland. I have seen this trailer before, but I just wanted to hear his voice in this because he is an awesome actor. He is also an very awesome and cute real person.

  2. Aidan Barnes says

    I wonder what the short film will be

  3. BoneBreaker D says

    The movie is promoting a good taste in music, I approve

  4. Salome Nicasio says

    If it's tom Holland I'm excited for this movie

  5. Avery Birkner says

    Ahhh yes. The two Peters coming together in a quest. Quite magical if ya ask me.

  6. Cricelia Villalba says

    I like. Is different. But the magic is there.

  7. Bogmire42 says

    Yup I'm hooked already and that's just the teaser.

  8. Sshreww says

    Tom Holland needs to be English for once

  9. kuaikukia says

    it looks like they took inspiration from Bright movie

  10. Freddie Gemmevyr says

    Two Tom Holland trailers in one day?! Yes please.

  11. Lizafoot For5 says

    It's gonna be great

  12. BRYANbluesky says

    What is happeniiiiiiiiiing jpg.

  13. Super Human _ Sumit Das says

    Awesome ????

  14. owen jones says

    You gotta pay the troll toll

  15. SebtownRx8 says

    Spider-Man and starlord LETS GO BOISSSSSS

  16. NEON_Spidey time says

    So spiderman after far from home

  17. G1 Grimlock says

    Magical creatures in modern day?

  18. Bryce Cheng says

    This will definitely make a few thousand dollars opening weekend I guarantee it.

  19. luke snj says

    Tom Holland is a great actor is what i mean to say

  20. SallyPurpleYT says

    This is just the teaser but; This looks like it is going to be a cool and good movie

  21. Jakob Nester says


  22. trent foyer says

    Whoa cool!

  23. XenoMegaWarrior says


  24. Axelino Merengino says

    Chris pratt and tom holland
    Brothers ❤️

  25. Jedwin Sanchez says

    I can't believe Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are doing the voices of the brothers ???

  26. RoxasFoxtrot says

    Who else thought Chris Pratt sounded like Thor

  27. mandalina suyu says

    Rat in 1400: kills half of the europe.

    Rat in 2023: saves half of the universe.

  28. Pinku's All in one tv says


  29. Infinite uub J says

    I love your vids

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