ONWARD Trailer (2020) Chris Pratt, Tom Holland Pixar Movie

“Animation Movie” trailer

ONWARD Trailer (2020) Chris Pratt, Tom Holland Pixar Movie

PLOT: Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there.

CAST: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer

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  1. Jane Dog says

    If Tom Holland is in it im watching it !!!!!! Ehhhh so excited! Who else!?

  2. Aidan Barnes says

    does anyone actually want to see and enjoy this film for the story? All anyone talks about is Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

  3. Estreya Ortegon says

    i only watched this because it said tom holland

  4. Yoda Man says

    gonna have to skip this one because of what they did to unicorns.

  5. Joe Chen says

    Who’s here in 2026 like if you are

  6. Kate Samples says

    Anyone else notice that the gear shift is a screwdriver?

  7. Nicole Laundrie says

    Anyone know the song in this trailer?

  8. El vlog de Carolina says

    starlord and spiderman are brothers now
    we should call them the peter brothers

  9. Joe Adams says

    Im still making my own characters more similar to pixar animation as possible.

  10. goldguardie says

    This looks like I want to watch it

  11. Stephina Yoshi says

    I bet I’m gonna love this movie 3000

  12. Keenan Smith says

    Does anyone see the resemblance in the protagonist and the character from Ratatouille?
    Because it looks like the purple version of him if it had elf ears.

  13. pash91 says


  14. Alexandre Gagne says

    Looks like unicorn shit!

  15. Reynaldo Torres says

    more trailers required to make a decision to see it or not

  16. Ziad Obaid says

    Double Toasted brought me here

  17. Eric E. says

    Why does every single animated Disney movie need a brain-dead 'dog' mascot character? Ugh.

  18. Oswards306 Oswards306 says

    This is like the realm of fantasy in the modern area, just like human beings.

  19. sky blue says

    2 peter

  20. Rossano Segabinazzi says

    An original Pixar movie with Chris Pratt? Disney, don't you have enough of my money already?

  21. therealDale says

    Not woke enough!

  22. The Notorious Lard Boi says

    Is it just me or does this seem like one of those shitty dream works films no one sees

  23. Jesus Salgado says

    Its Bright, but better

  24. Uldan1988 says

    Unicorns sound like cats 😀

  25. Tima Mazko says

    dorogiye zarsantsy ya khochu v mul'tik Vperod dobavilsya patsan iz fil'ma uzhasov 2018 g. Venom El-Dzhelil Noks

  26. Who Knew 22 says

    So the Animated version of Labyrinth

  27. Mr. 'Grey' Rodgers says

    1:40 Song name?

  28. Abenator25 says

    Joblo. Do you know when the Ford vs Ferrari trailer will come out?

  29. yoga asix says

    Dont forget they have Ant Man car

  30. *CuzImBanana * says

    Nice Video ??

  31. Coffee Thief says

    Not for me feel like Disney is pushing their actors to take roles and blow up to the point where certain actors are in every summer/ early fall movie

  32. WAC says

    Why does Tom Holland’s character look like the character from Spies in disguise. It’s actually kind funny

  33. SLAP1FACE says

    disney has them by the stones

  34. Arthur Hastings says

    Finally something original than a sequel

  35. lel’s products YeeT says

    Tom Holland?????

  36. Jonathan Perez says

    Why is chris pratt playing jack black

  37. Echoingdolphin says

    “Is footloose still the greatest movie of all time?”
    “It never was.”

  38. MrKhudh says


  39. KinderTubeHD says

    ohh its Zootopia but with fantasy creature

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