ONWARD Trailer (2020) New Pixar Movie

  1. Galaxy K!ng says

    Why isn't this famous yet, it has Chris Pratt

  2. Jeremy Pulis says

    MCU multiverse confirmed where starlord and Spiderman are Elf brothers in an Elven world where there are Unicorns instead of rats.

  3. Zachary Silviera says

    As long as it's not another remake of an older film being remade, messed with, and turned into live action with overuse of cgi, I'm not complaining. /;

  4. Cris Mendoza says

    Looks like Chris Pratt doing his best Jack Black impression.

  5. Nerd Bird Sami says

    I think I'm in love

  6. nathan cabano says


  7. coxmicfox says

    I love this already aa

  8. Gabriel Williams says

    Obligatory Cameo by a Night Elf Mohawk and THEN I'm sold. ?But yeah, "Bright" but with better writing.

  9. rihanna lewin says

    It seems like it's going to be a nice cartoon when they realised the full one

  10. XxDuffnotfuddxX says

    Tbh, it felt like a Dreamworks trailer. Hopefully the movie will prove me wrong

  11. DanMMOs says

    Star lord is spider mans brother confirmed

  12. Zombie Of Kingpins says


  13. Boneskullzy says

    Ugh, this looks like shit.

  14. Luigi FanBoy says

    Pixar release the official trailer soon

  15. nurran alshehri says

    اول المشاهده وتعليق????

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