ONWARD Trailer # 3 (NEW 2020) Pixar Disney Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

ONWARD Trailer # 3 (NEW 2020) Tom Holland, Chris Pratt Pixar Disney Movie HD
© 2019 – Disney Pixar

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  1. ONE Media says

    THE NEW Trailer is here 😉 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02yCMV8sCt0

  2. Duracell921 says

    I don’t understand why the trailers for these Pixar movies suck, because the films themselves are absolutely amazing. I feel like the trailers are focused on only appealing to younger audiences and the tone and the way it is cut really does the film a disservice, because in reality this film is super sad and emotional, especially towards the end.

  3. Duracell921 says

    Just saw the film…what an amazing emotional ride!

  4. sharpaycutie2 says

    A;ready can tel the briteer is going to be the CRINGIEST part of this movie

  5. Drawingfandom says

    No lie this trailer makes me worried for barleys character I really hope his whole character isn’t just a comic relief or he makes stupid moments through the film.
    Bc from just the trailers he seems to keep making Ian mess up his magic or make jokes aimed at kids (which I am not one to critique his childish jokes I’m a teen) but I really hope he’s more redeeming in the film because he’s a main character and when the film largely focuses on him and Ian it would kinda suck to see him get the lower end of the stick and be a more dumb mess up character especially since he’s older than Ian so you’d think he’d take some responsibility but nah Ian acts like the older one in their relationship.
    I don’t know if I’m the only one to notice this. I just hope he gets some of value none comedic or mess up scenes that impact his character or else he’s going to feel weak in comparison to his brother.
    But that’s really my only gripe going into the film everything else from trailers alone looks great and has me hyped!

    To be fair tho he can still largely be a goofy character if it’s played off as charming and not just him causing problems or interrupting magic scenes.

  6. Victoria Button says

    I love you

  7. Víctor Sánchez says

    I will go to see the film althougt I am an adult

  8. what is life says

    this isn't the law of equivalent exchange

  9. Peppermint Snowdrift says

    "Once upon a time, in the land of Prydain…." LOL!

  10. Peppermint Snowdrift says

    If the movie be'eth 80s in style, then see'eth this movie I shall, although the cyanotic pallor of the main characters conjureth up the notion that they be'eth unhealthy of heart.

  11. Priscila Leme says

    Be careful with soon movies.Watch on surveillance.Nice song.

  12. carapatchkids says

    he looks like marshall lee 😳

  13. pancakekid05 says

    Fullmetal Alchemist much? Definetly FMA ripoff.

  14. Metaphysicist says

    All I can think about is how much I want to bite into their Mom's thicc ass.

  15. Joshua Greger says

    This looks boring……


    ? goúd?
    👁 wanna c it👍🏾🔥🌿.
    Thx u🙌🏿💀😤♎…

  17. David Portman says

    OK I'll watch it

  18. puzzle1022 says

    2:10 "Only a leap from the Lion's head will he prove his worth."

    "You must Believe, Boy! You must BELIEVE!"

  19. Disney Fan 2005 says

    This Had To Fit Into The Pixar Theory After A Bug’s Life & Before Monsters University

  20. Syed-API Energy says

    want to earn money from home @t

  21. RVDDP2501 says


  22. Me sees end of the trailer

    Also me: Yap, he is dead

  23. Miss. Write says

    I love how the anime fans of Disney all equally agree that this is basically Disney’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood just a lot more pg

  24. Pelden Wangchuk says

    Disney and Pixar gonna keep my mind awake💯

  25. Bridleway Studios says

    Everyone: What a wonderful, heartfelt trailer.
    Me: Is that a jumpcut?

  26. Gino Marsocci says

    I want to see this movie so bad!! I can't wait to see the brotherly relationship Barley and Ian have and I can't wait for them to see their dad

  27. Caleb Dearing says

    I still think I’ll pass

  28. Katie Cooper says

    I'm so hyped for this!

  29. Watchtower178 says

    Song 1:14?

  30. leadspot says

    " 2:14 " Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

  31. Snishy Fishy says

    Why wasn’t this uploaded to the Pixar YouTube channel? I would’ve watched it 12 HOURS AGO if it was available there!!

  32. Flash Magnus says

    2:14 "If you believe the bridge is there, then it's there."

    Such wisdom here, more than any of you think……

    Definitely gonna see it.

  33. pavadon says

    looks like a dreamsworks movie

  34. Richard Perez says


  35. Kirby Liam says

    Knowing pixar, their dad will be the twist villain and is luring his son's to bring him back fully so he can do something diabolical that is right in his eyes. It'll probably be finishing something he secretly started and fell foul of when he originally died.

  36. Hochunbo says

    I think the brothers look too generic. The older brother looks like how a boomer comic would draw a teenager.

  37. Rob Burns says

    NOW THAT IS BETTER! Thanks Chris Pratt no rock music there’s lots more

    I’m shaking right now omg your coming up to heaven your getting close now🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃

  38. "Long ago, the world was full of wonder…"

    I agree, I agree…

  39. Arttective says

    Full Metal Alchemist: Disney version

  40. bad robot says

    pixar's full metal alchemist?

  41. Izzel Salapar says

    is this disney’s ver of FMA hahahaha

  42. AChickWithDrumSticks says

    Haha, instead of "Awesome Mix", it's now "Quest Mix". I like that little Marvel easter egg.

  43. Diego Pisfil says

    R.I.P. Ric Ocasek (1944-2019)

  44. SAMTHINKS2 says

    That's a dangerous idea to leave kids with. Anybody else see how stepping off a building on faith could go wrong?

  45. Matthew Refugia says

    Star lord and spiderman on an adventure

  46. Andrew Knowles says

    This is gonna be the greatest Disney Pixar movie ever so it would make Inside Out Be forgotten forever. #MrIncredible ;-)😉

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