Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Optimized for Xbox Series X Announce

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Critically acclaimed Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be optimized for Xbox Series X / 4k / 120fps.

Learn more: https://www.xbox.com/games/ori-will-of-the-wisps

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AUDIO DESCRIPTION: https://youtu.be/U4pI5Le3nz4


  1. Pooja Yadav says

    This oris just like celebi watch the start one.

  2. Ali says

    Only getting the xsx for this game

  3. RX7821979 says

    This will be my first game one Xbox series x

  4. Andy Ivan says

    Trust me Xbox guys….you'll be BLOWN AWAY by 120fps. More so than 4K by far. This game was MADE for high framerate

  5. Blog Love says

    Will there also be an enhanced version for the Series S or are the improvements exclusive to the Series X?

  6. P A says

    Will this update be available at launch on November 10 ?

  7. Nav lad says

    im only getting the xbox series x for this

  8. Torin O'Connor says

    Gg tho

  9. Chills B says

    Great game

  10. george pantemis says

    I hope it doesn't end up like fallout 76

  11. niroop reddy says

    How many of you that the Best First Party Studio for team green are MOON Studios and Playground games

  12. Mace Windu says

    Probably one of the best games of 2020

  13. C C says

    Autre chose que Rachet sur pa5. Ori est un vrai beau jeu et c’est sur xbox series x

  14. VozzTv says

    Imagine live lobbys, team, 1v1, 4v4 free for all, and race modes

  15. viidxsire says

    It’s game over to ps5

  16. SunRay says

    Нууу… покупать Xbox Series X ради одной игры… такое :/

  17. 413 Studio Productions, INC says

    The only reason I would buy an Xbox Series X

  18. CamixTheFurry says

    My Game of the Year

  19. diego saavedra says

    Amazing. goty

  20. Arnaldo Gonzalez says

    Almost makes me want to buy an xbox lol time will tell

  21. Kostya Sultanov says

    Что у Генадия со зрачками, он под коксом? )

  22. squidgyxombie says

    Side by side comparisons of 60 fps vs 120 fps… in slow motion.

  23. Sasindu Madushanka says

    Please create third game for Ori….

  24. kacke999 999 says

    What about the new game from Moon Studio?

  25. ArchaniołZ15432 says

    Add alternative ending when Ori don't become tree only health existing. This alternative ending could be when player pass all additional missions or if pass main plot faster than 3 or 4 hours.

  26. Can't wait to play this on my switch!

  27. Iaroslav Loburev says


  28. Edgar moreno says

    I stopped playing at the worm chase, that got under my skin. I will never finish this game cause of that one boss. 😭🥺

  29. Dionison Alves says


  30. For You Gamers says

    120 fps on this AMAZING game will be awesome

  31. Rudy K says

    When you thought your favorite game couldn’t get any better…

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