Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Cinematic Teaser Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

  1. Justin says

    LZT Market – Не хочешь чтобы тебя кинули? Лучшие игровые аккаунты по самым вкусным ценам, заходи!

  2. p m says

    Hold up. No ps5??

  3. SuperLevyBros2 says

    song name?

  4. RIP Off says

    And its only 10 € do buy every new hero. Can't wait

  5. tavanijorge says


  6. Gert Shai says

    Ah.. Finally a face to the one getting her behind(PG-13) handed to her by Junkrat's certain significant other who likes "Order" and boy did junkrat with all his chaos and more importantly filthy appearance joining the team gave her an actual aneurysm…

  7. Chrig says

    Wow, they put Mad Maggie in Overwatch. Very nice!

  8. ClassifiedRanTom says

    Hmm, I wonder who wins the battle, my money’s on the character called “Junker Queen”

  9. Sherlock Holmes says

    She sounds like Skye lol

  10. murmur says

    Wait what? Mad Maggie in overwatch2

  11. relightthespiral says


  12. Ether says


  13. calico says

    I had to check the title again to make sure I'm not watching new borderlands trailer

  14. HonestHeartsClub says

    It's Mad Maggie???

  15. Jonathan Ivanov says

    She looks like she’s from fortnite smh

  16. Felix Kučera says

    hehe bro strider hehe.

  17. SNIPEYOUNOOBZ Yee says

    So it’s literally mad maggie from apex tf

  18. rockstar01362 says

    What’s the name of the song and band anyone know?

  19. Currensy Animations says

    I thought this was Zarya for a second

  20. Total Organ Failure says

    I’m getting heavy borderlands bibes here this is awesome

  21. Jeff Coomsalot says

    dead game

  22. Marsh Plays says


  23. Justin Lira Aguero says

    bruh once they release her good luck trying to play her especially when there is only 1 person that can play tank since they scrapping the 6v6 and turning it into a 5v5 i can see it already… junkerqueen released and tank ques are 15-30 min wait on average

  24. John Schaeffer says

    I've got no interest in playing the game at this point. However I will be watching my r34 notifications with great interest now.

  25. Untær HØden says

    mommy mommy mommy

  26. Joaquin Bigtas says

    did they just stole Mad maggie from apex legends?

  27. Alfonso Mendez says

    All these new updates and still can’t beat the 10yr old classic known as TF2

  28. Jackie Costello says

    What borderlands character is this?

  29. Fadžo badžo says

    borderlands vibes

  30. playstation king 101 says

    Hmmmm she looks like a fuse between mad Maggie and rampart

  31. Michelle Alferos says

    Is that junkrat😮

  32. D_Quinn says

    Mad borderlands vibes, love it

  33. Wasd Dsaw says

    Its mad Maggie.

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