Palace of Infinite Reflection – THE LEGO MOVIE 2 (2019) Trailer Animation HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official ‘Palace of Infinite Reflection’ clip for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, an animation movie starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett. In theaters February 8, 2019.

The heroes of Steinstadt are again faced with the challenge of saving their hometown. The Great Danger: LEGO DUPLO space invaders are destroying the LEGO world faster than they can be rebuilt. In the fight against the aliens and for the harmony in the LEGO universe, Emmet, Lucy, Batman and their friends find themselves in distant, unexplored worlds like the weird galaxy, where everything is a musical. Our heroes must use all their courage, creativity and master craftsmanship skills to once again prove what they really are.

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  1. Kris C says
  2. thomas hendra says

    General mahayem get away

  3. thomas hendra says

    He scared with general mahayem

  4. thomas hendra says

    Emmet like remixs

  5. thomas hendra says

    Ultrakatty like sparkly castle

  6. Jay Kwan says

    This is twilight all over again

  7. Jolly Yau says



    Noel Fielding playing a vampire……..

    This should surprise me but it doesn't

  9. LV RB says

    I need a vegetable observation!!!

  10. Name LastName says

    Holy shit is that Lanque Hiveswap?

  11. Adelina Valean says

    The vampire guy is a dj! Holy cookies im just a begginer dj :3

  12. Lindsy Roeks says

    Sszdsweqwwesddsc ksksikfikskksiuikd

  13. David Chatterbox says


  14. David Chatterbox says

    I wanna hear all of The Lego Movie 2 songs

  15. Maxïne Prödüctïons says

    0:29 i tried that voice that lucy made and i broke my voice so dont do it cause you will DIE >:c

  16. Jorge Moreno says

    I like Lucy when she said hello

  17. Elle The Animator says

    0:57 that sounds familiar…

  18. Spoiler: Rex Is Emmett.
    Leave your hate here

  19. Molly Mixon says


  20. Vytas Noah says

    0:06 personality assessment
    Emotionally guarded
    Reflexively defensive
    To cool for school
    Unable to show to show vulneard
    Me: to cool for school!

  21. Shaggy. says

    0:29 HeLlO

  22. Lego Vids 123 says

    Stop ? movie clip
    wen it is not out

  23. lol lol says

    1:48 IS THAT BARNIE!?

  24. lol lol says

    Spoilers rex is Emmet and his the villain

  25. Roblox lover 0654 says

    HE(insert voice crack)LLO

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