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Set in 16th century Bavaria, Pentiment will take players on a narrative journey through the eyes of Journeyman Artist Andreas Maler during a time of great social unrest. Led by game director Josh Sawyer, this game is brought to life by a talented team inspired by illuminated manuscripts, woodcut prints, and history itself.

Pentiment releases November 15th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, and Steam for $19.99. It will also be available as a day one release with an active Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass subscription.


  1. Gojiro7 says

    quick question, why is the guy whose head is on the cover exploding??

  2. 熊貓筑 Panda Chu says

    I'm so looking forward to playing this game,🥰

    I hope the Chinese version will come soon.

  3. shtrudlica says

    soundtrack medieval party mix?

  4. Lady Maria says

    I just finished Pentiment, the story made me tear up, it was a great experience. I will make a 2nd run to experience everything in this beautiful game.

  5. ProgrammedForDamage says

    I read about this in a recommended games of 2022 list, but nothing could prepare me for how incredible this game is. I was drawn in by the artwork and presentation, but that turned out to just be the icing on the whole delicious cake. I never thought getting into a theological debate with a nun could be so fun and thought-provoking! Do not sleep on this one!

  6. Максим Лесько says

    When will the game get Russian?

  7. Юрий Щербаков says

    Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно

  8. Łydka Achillesa says

    It's so great that modern big game industry, despite prevalent "grab the money" attitude, can still give us such great games. You almost see it is a product of pure passion for history, storytelling and gaming joined together.

  9. Qingnan Duan says

    Is it Holy Roman Empire?

  10. XD 🐂 says

    Great game guys

  11. Erhard Pöstinger says

    "…Set in 16th century Bavaria" bedarf einer Berechtigungsprüfung, aber die Qualität dieser anderthalb Minuten Vorschau lässt mich hoffen und glauben, dass Bayern da wirklich eine Rolle spielt.

    Hoffe, dass mir eine Prüfung nach einem der Reinheitsgebote aus dieser Zeit gelingt; naja, oder wenigstens Spaß bringt 😉

    Meisterschaft in ihrem Fach scheinen die Schöpfer dieses Spiels aber schon zu beweisen, darin dass sich alle Schleimerbots der Hölle von YT hier lobhudelnd darauf stürzen – mir persönlich wäre aber lieber, wenn sie diese Widerlinge bändigen könnten.

    ot 0:30 Ob eine Armbrust so knallt sei mal dahingestellt, aber auch große Dichter bewiesen schon deutlich, dass sie entweder im Geschichtsunterricht nicht aufgepasst haben oder die Lehrkraft mit Technik nicht so vertraut war.
    1:15 – scheint eine Radschlosszündung zu sein ?

  12. Mangel says 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Merla Gaétan says

    Android version maybe?

  14. Sam says

    This is one of the best games I've played in years. If you're at all into narrative rpgs, this is a must play.

  15. Thejotak says

    I absolutely LOVE this game, one of my all time favorites up there with hollow knight and celeste, a timeless masterpiece.

  16. Joseph says

    I wish this were a real 3D game spinoff of Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

  17. arsnakeheart says

    Oh, so Stick of Truth, but without South Park?

  18. Lucas Gastelum says

    por el momento lo estoy amando, gracias por este juegazo <3

  19. Fab says

    I'm happy that I've never seen this trailer. Too many spoilers.

  20. matchatea says

    Beautiful and heartbreaking in the best ways 😭💔

  21. Adrian Koch says

    Look, 2d Henry has come to visit!

  22. Martijn Schut says


  23. RadioMoscovita says

    You guys are the best, forever.

  24. Mohammad Kamelan says

    I Really Liked Pentiment. Please recommend me some games like Pentiment with deep story and engaging atmospher.

  25. Nerdbert says

    Saw it on social media, thought the thumbnail looked interesting, watched the trailer and thought "Oh, that's a unique style. I love how they big up historical drawing.", trailer ends and I see it is Obsidian. Write a comment and will go and wishlist it once I press enter to send the comment.

  26. Michael Dawson says

    Great game, though I wanted to show my gf what it was about and this trailer spoils a bit too much. Go in blind as much as you can.

  27. CLØUDZAU says

    Grounded should add walk through/on building system as a second building option instead of clicking on the blueprint grab the resources walk through the blueprint and it will automatically place the resources in the blueprint

  28. Lachlan Farah says

    Damn obsidian really went downhill

  29. Spoenkel says

    Dang it, this looks awesome. Wish I could play it on my ps5..

  30. Maxwell Avery says

    God I love this song, anyone know any more like it?

  31. Áron Németh says

    Okay, I got to play for a few hours, and I must tell that the way the art (and the little details therein), the font choices, the sound effects, the sidenotes support the atmosphere of the game, it's pure style. The characters' interaction and the writing are also superb. Can't wait to get more. If Obsidian can keep this quality up till the end, it will be more than worth the money, it will be a timeless masterpiece.

  32. Garrettthief says

    Nintendo Switch? 🙁

  33. Joey Montanez says

    This game is a true work of art. Not just the actual graphics. The writing. The sound. The concept. Absolutely riveted every time I play. Man Game Pass gets some killer single player games. I'm actually the least patient dude ever with story,and I was hanging on every word here. I'm old,I want to kill shit. Or feel like I'm playing something,not watching. The only other thing I will forgive,is give me a unique experience. And then nothing else may matter. Great job here for real.

  34. Love made in Japan says

    Can this run on Intel Core2Duo with 9400M notebook graphics? It looks like it should be able to run it fluently, but I get this bad feeling it adds a crapload of shader FX to push XBOX or RTX sales. Maybe you can make a light version, sans heavy FX. I see nothing too fancy in the trailer that goes beyond the Monkey Island HD remake when it comes to graphics. Is there a Steam tryout version, to see if my MacBook Pro melts when running? It easily does under Bootcamp. And please stop calling it Bavaria. That is bad beer. It is Beiern, in any language.

  35. Boukias798 says

    Josh Sawyer is a great storyteller

  36. Yo Kiryu Chan!!!! says

    Honestly if I didn't know this was made by obsedian I wouldn't have gave it a second look.

  37. VegaGear says

    эТО ОЧЕНЬ ПЛОХАЯ ИГРУЩЕКА!!!!! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА УДАЛИТЬЕ ЕЕ ИЗ СТИМА! мне брат показал, там обидели оленя!!! ему поднесли ножик к шее что бы убить оленчика!!!! с ними так нельзя, их мрожно только любить и гладить, иногда чмокать в макушечку, но не тыкать в них ножеком! вы св совем уме?!?! ваще уже что ли такие игрушки делать!!! удаляйте быстра!

  38. Ben Teimani says

    I never thought I’d like this game, but I was wrong. The music, the story, and the artistic approach blew my mind.

  39. Ziolepr8 says

    Just finished the game. Absolutely mesmerizing. You guys are too good.

  40. Nerdylilpumpkin says

    I am pretty dang excited to play Pentiment! Not only was there a "pet the cat" option, but it also makes my lil art history heart happy❤

  41. Reverend Coffin's Other son says

    Game looks like it sucks ass. Sincerely, a PC Master Race member.

  42. TRZMouha Mouha says

    Like it

  43. Potato Patato says

    I've wanted to make a game like this for a while now. A shame the animals look so accurate…

  44. Tanner says

    The way this trailer is cut has real mobile game ad vibes at times. Obviously the game is much better than those.

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