Planet of Lana Xbox Game Pass Trailer

  1. Hyacsho says

    I am here for it!

  2. llpapisll says

    When ?

  3. Lucas Medeiros says


  4. Pete Sanderson says

    Gris vibes

  5. Daniel Booke says

    If I hadn't just lost my job, I'd be picking up day one. Thank God for GamePass.

  6. DS -JS says

    So excited for thsi

  7. SCOOP says


  8. Fancy says

    Inside part 2

  9. sam torres says

    Sega Genesis Pocahontas spiritual successor!

  10. Dz Gaming says

    Timed exclusive 😆😆😆😆😆

  11. Dz Gaming says

    Times exclusive 😆

  12. Luca says

    100% gonna play this when it comes out, very hyped for this


    Que HERMOSO!! estoy anonadado con lo bien q se ve… Lo compraré sin duda

  14. Влад Денисенко says

    Интересный факт: Планет Бокс

  15. Giovanni La Licata says

    Wow.. amazing..

  16. Uno qualunque says

    Microsoft i love u ❤️

  17. Fearnoid says

    Kinda reminds me of planet alpha.

  18. Overlord says


  19. vaggelis triantafyllidis says

    Xbox for ever!!

  20. TheAnonymousCall says

    the bit with the flying robots kind of reminded me of the opening to the Atlantis movie

  21. Jumpeer BH says

    Looks easy achievements

  22. Artumork blog says


  23. SensaiChill says

    early 2023 looking ridiculous on gamepass

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