PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Animated Movie HD

  1. atikan apai says

    Wow That Suck Lego Is Best

  2. Big Daddy says

    Does anyone realise that no body actually likes playmobile and this is just a Lego movie rip of to sell more toys cough like Lego cough

  3. Tyrah Walke says

    I want to see it put a thumbs up if you want to see it

  4. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice ?

  5. MasiaDe says

    eh, this may not end well, most are just fans of the singers Adam Lambert (pocket change? he's on tour this summer and next summer with Queen) and Megan Trainer. Or Daniel Radcliffe.. not the movie. Really ouch.

  6. Lionk2002 ! says

    Ok I might actually want to watch this now

  7. Bloody Red says


    Director of this movie: let’s copy the LEGO movie

  8. Orion Hurbina says

    the most stupidest movie I ever seen in my life

  9. feri lambert says

    Adam Lambert's voice ?

  10. pbhokani says

    My sister is screaming she almost made me deaf her favorite toys are now a movie and the LOVE Megan Trainor

  11. coolest person yeehehe boi says

    WOW LEGO MOVIE 3!!!!

  12. Legend Spryzen Requiem says

    Trash go away. This looks bad here and in real life

  13. Throwback Channel says

    Kenan Thompson is in this shit?!

  14. Throwback Channel says

    The Lego Movie 3: Lego VS Playmobil

    “We are from the Planet Lego, and we are here to destroy you for ripping off our movie!”

  15. Throwback Channel says

    LEGO Movie rip-off!

  16. antonio boo says

    I don't know. WAIT, Adam Lambert? Okay!

  17. Dark_ SHADOWW says

    Uhmmm *dumb creator of this movie*uhhmgg

  18. CorrupT Temper says

    Shit version of the Lego movie

  19. She Fain says

    More like into the LEGO verse

  20. Liluxy says

    LEGO: let’s make a movie playmobil will never catch up
    PLAYMOBIl: we gotta copy LEGO like we always do we must make a movie now

  21. isa Ahmed says

    I really want to see this

  22. David Joseph says

    Ehmm isekai

  23. Ran Bute says

    Something like Lego

  24. Doggie says

    It's a… Bootleg Lego Movie…?

  25. Majestic George says

    I wanna see this. No matter how old i am

  26. chotu shaeed says

    F..k low viwes???

  27. Shivan Muthu says

    Bootleg LEGO

  28. Spilopmageren says

    Whoever made this ?. I hate you … I hate you?

  29. Valdeci Junior Sousa Alves says


  30. Vincent Lim says

    this looks so fucking bad, lego movie ripoff

  31. ninja wolfwarrior says


  32. A Guy Stuck In The US says

    Gonna be huge in germany, if im not mistaken its way bigger there than here. The Ghostbusters playmobil is dope.

  33. I FOUND NEMO says

    Da fuk this a rip of lego movie

  34. Kabuki uchiha says

    1:41 looks like smii7y's Mario kart 8 charcter

  35. Kareem Salama says

    No?one?cares?that? you?commented?first?

  36. Kozume Cat says

    I’m such a kid. I wanna see this ?

    Edit: Daniel Radcliffe and Megan Trainor? I’m in ?

  37. JazzyTable ` says

    1 view 10 likes

  38. NEON_Spidey time says

    No views 2 likes

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