Pokémon 3: The Movie | Trailer

  1. Allu_6637 says

    Is this real?

  2. Charsh392 says

    The unown in game never amounted to their build up seen in the movies. SIGH..

  3. Z Gamer 2006 says

    Are they gonna remaster this movie?
    Because what would be the point of uploading this tralier, just for fun?

  4. TreyVro says

    is this goldfarb music wtf

  5. Raddishist says


  6. XxcatsxX says

    This was on Pokemon tv and the alphabet soup part was rlly funny XD

  7. Mathinus Wolters says

    I watched this movie after seeing this trailer, it is still a good movie with great music ??

  8. Cheesy Gamer says

    Oh cool! Are they releasing all the pokemon movie trailers in order to hype up the new one? NOPE just random trailer for the 3rd movie..

  9. Ikly Josh says

    i thought its a remake

  10. Cheesy Gamer says

    This looks awesome, when does it come out? 18 years ago? Ok… but why is it getting a trailer now?!?

  11. Animefan 935 says

    "they look like alphabet soup but without the soup" ???

  12. Dr Agon says

    why is there a trailer for the best pokemon movie

  13. Wowzzer says

    I love the art in this movie. Honestly like it more than the new animation of episode

  14. ZekromFury says

    I had this on VHS as a kid!

  15. Jhon Marco Devilleres says

    " The Course of The Unknown " i have watched it

  16. Crystal Kolb says

    I've always been curious, why did they spell it 'unown' instead of 'unknown'

  17. The Phantom Thieves says

    Wow can't wait for this NEW movie to come out

  18. The Flame Charmix says

    Wow!! Cool!! I have to watch it !!

  19. rahul kumar says

    plz tell whether there will be new megas or galar forms in gen 8 ;-;

    y u do dis pkmn?

  20. captain pepsi says

    Pretty good

  21. Boamere says

    This movie was so strange but great. I miss the old animation style

  22. Marine Admiral Jeronimo says

    Is pokemonTv free?

  23. CR-Master says

    Imagine a remake

  24. BigA says

    I love how the narrator doesn't pronounce "Unown" right.

  25. Jack Mabal says

    This movie seems really good. When will it be coming out?

  26. Apricock says

    loved the underwater battle scene with Misty when Ash has to run up the spiral staircase, idk it’s just very memorable

  27. CHBB Gameplays says


  28. Our_illumination says

    Detective Pikachu just came out last month and we’re already getting the sequel?!

    You guys work too much.

  29. Our_illumination says

    It seems like in the Pokémon anime, everyone wants Ash’s mom . . .

    And I can’t blame them.

  30. Concepcion Santos says

    How old is ash?

  31. Infinity James says

    I was about to comment why youtube recommended me an old pokemon trainer, then I saw the date lmao

  32. Update Time says

    Chaizard was the beast along this movie

  33. Maxori Gaming! says

    Detective Pikachu was better than all of these movies combined (not including the first movie).

  34. Kelly Smith says

    This is one of my top five favorite Pokemon movies the newer episode and movies are awful

  35. Boot says

    Pretty late Game Freak.

  36. Tomtrocity says

    Movie: "They look like alphabet soup without the soup"

    Me: thinking about the soup store meme "It's just more soup"

  37. Lwlysunshine says

    I don’t know why are you asking me just ask the director

  38. jacob smith says

    Dat looked gud brooo now I wand some cume here peees like for mere Fuchs fis

  39. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams says

    this is my favorite pokemon movie, and is one of my favorite animated films.

    the study of an adolescent who has lost her parents and given ultimate power is explored wonderfully through this beautiful animated masterpiece.

    yes, it may be a pokemon product, but beyond that it tells a tale that is relatable to a character that is forced to be a villain and it's a difficult discussion to have with any child.

    for a stupid pokemon cartoon to bring it up and manage it well? wow.

  40. The forbidden God says

    Why are you showing the trailer when it was made so long ago

  41. Mark Ferring says

    The spell of the un own

  42. S Sapphire says

    I can’t wait for 2001 i need to see this movie for myself

  43. Bilalgp says

    A boy with his friends and electric rodent must stop this little girl who asked floating alphabet letters to turn her house into Elsa's Ice Kingdom and give her a giant fire dog.

  44. "Wow, this new movie looks awesome!"

    That's what I would said if this wasn't almost 20 years old.

  45. Davis Burrell says

    Did he say un-own?

  46. Kaneki Ken says

    y o u k n o w m e i k n o w y o u


    18 years later still a good movie childhood.

  48. piplup10036 says

    Still holds up as the best pokemon movie.

  49. PokeLilak says

    I remember seeing this movie when I was little!

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