Police Stories – Release Date Trailer | E3 2019 (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch)

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Police Stories – Release Date Trailer | E3 2019

Police Stories is a fresh take on top-down shooters with an emphasis on tactics that forces you to make split second decisions. Neutralize criminals, rescue civilians and defuse bombs in Single Player mode or Online Co-op. And remember – shooting first is not an option!


  1. Ian Schultz says

    What happened to this coming to Xbox in September?

  2. RetroSun says

    nice wheres it at for xbox?

  3. Darth Malice says

    Almost November and it's still not on PS4 wtf?

  4. Matthew Vlasak says

    Can not find this anywhere to buy 🙁

  5. Cory Mcnabb says

    Anybody know where this is at ?

  6. Josean rodriguez says

    why why why 8 bit graphic

  7. Azan Naeem says

    its not been released on the PS4?

  8. eth23 says

    I'm counting: 3 hours

  9. Mimi Rauch says

    does anybody know if it has online coop on console ?

  10. Erik Casti says

    Can’t wait to get on xbox


    pretty cool game

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