Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

  1. Prite Shinoda says

    PREY2 plzzzzz #LOVE #NARU

  2. ThunderHaven AE says

    finally a female Yautia

  3. Charly Baez says

    you are telling me that 7 special forces elite soldiers can not with 1 Predator, Arnold has to resort to traps and strategy to kill him. And then come this 90 pounds super Indian girl and kills a predator all by herself?

  4. The-union-jackass says

    I think this movie saved the predator franchise massively. Hats off to Dan Trachtenberg.

  5. jasper arranguez says

    this is what predators movie should be told, this is by far one of the best predators movie

  6. Sam To says

    It's okay. Just okay.

  7. Wacky The Whaleysaurus says

    "From the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane"

    ……..oh boy…😒

  8. Ray M says

    Can't believed this movie is the best wow, dont judge the book by its cover

  9. cherry316316 says

    They should just call Arni

  10. Kim Long Tran says

    After this, who want a sequel gather all the survivors of previous for them to fight a bunch of predators?

  11. Unggul Mulia Silitonga says

    Naruuuu is amazingg

  12. Mate Istvan says

    What the hell is a Hulu?:))

  13. Miltiadis kyriakopoulos says

    Now it's time for a brand new terminator. From this director of course.

  14. Jake Sullyyy says

    true natural masterpiece

  15. Forward Balls says

    Not as woke as we thought, the move was indeed really great to see.
    For those who need context, it's not that because she's a women that they don't believe in her, it's because she's not good enough, that's just it.
    Nothing against women, nothing against man, no politics, just good hunt.

  16. Jj Jj says

    7/10..very good prequel, entertaining action scifi but lacked the feel that it was taking place 300yrs ago such as the feel that good modern westerns give

  17. Puppy Says HI says

    Women saving the world ….only in the theater. Women did not go on war hunts. They defended the home and children when the men fell and failed in battle. The entire premise is woke garbage. Yes I am Native American from the Blackfoot tribe so calm your lilly white leftist mouths. It is sickening to watch far left academia re write history.

  18. JKDMatrixWorkout Jeet Kune Do says

    I will give an honest commit, my heart love goes to the director of this film, why?… Because he brought the ancient past of tribal to the present … But why? The unappreciated woman warrior made to understand she is wise and great that she saved her tribe. There symbolical mystery in a women, be open. PS she's a hotty great pick in casting. I would be honor to act next to a next rising star ✨

  19. Civilian Testifying says

    I was like, whaaa and then I saw the 3 dot configiration laser on dude's head and I'm like, Ohhhhh

  20. Salomón Chalela says

    If Arnie’s commando team with machine guns and grenades barely survived. These Indians with arrows and axes have no chance….. unless off course they have a heroine capable of killing the predator with her own hands.

  21. Maria Tanase says

    the 2 main characters play so badly… movie ruined. Some thanks to the beast graphics, which try to save the movie.. but … nah

  22. abidin özçınar says

    Efsanes bir film serinin en iyisi.🙋🏻‍♂️👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👍

  23. MareDare says

    Hey indigenous ppl rolling with the predators. Sup Hulu, they just started 2nd season of reservation dogs and now prey. It's a good day to be indigenous* Aho

  24. Andrew Eden says

    Is her tomahawk metal (iron) or stone? I couldn't tell, and something tells me that's intentional.

  25. Mrkonijntje says

    Movie was GREAT! so much better then the previous.

  26. Roy Kabanlit says

    I just watched this, and it was okay, good enough to watch. Not equal to all the hype, though. It was pretty much a standard Predator Movie, the only difference perhaps is that it is about a strong Female Character and that the American Indian Culture was featured prominently, and that it is a Movie made by Disney Studios.

  27. nintendo 64 says

    Go woke, go broke

  28. Yan D. Gamer says

    Im glad they go back to its survival horror thriller sci fi roots

  29. Nikhil Bokhani says

    Saw it last night one of the best predator movie of all time 🔥🔥

  30. Dr. Jekyll says

    Didn't expect that we will be getting another predator movie just like P2, well done. Rest is trash.

  31. Acer Wolfe says

    I just saw this and it was awesome!

  32. Kaid Mohd says

    Came here after Joe rogan suggestion

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