PS3 Online in 2019: Who's Still Playing and Why?

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While many online games for the PS3 have shut down, there’s still a lot that haven’t. And I wondered who’s still playing them and why. So I dusted off the ol’ PS Triple, played some games, and talked to the community at large. This is what happened. *Law and Order Theme plays*

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  1. Mystic says

    2020 Update Video! – – This time we check a lot more games to see just how strong the PS3 is holding on. Thankfully, there's still lots of servers going and communities more committed than ever!

  2. Kai says

    If I actually matched with you in a lobby I would mute you so fast. If people don’t want to talk to you then deal with it lmao.

  3. Stanky Boi says

    rumor has it DJ Dan is still waiting for players in Bioshock 2

  4. Yu Narukami says

    For me I was a late adopter of the Xbox One and PS4. I liked my PS3 and 360 more. I didn't bother to get an Xbone until 2015 after I heard backwards compatibility was announced and I never got a PS4 until 2017 cause thats around the time it was getting games I actually cared about that were not just boring movie like games you play once or twice and never touch again. Finally it was getting RPGs and JRPGs. I was still using my PS3 still during that time and still do occaisonally now. There's a lot of great games that never got ported or remastered and that really highlights the importance of backwards compatibility and emulation. I don't really wanna imagine a world where I can't play MGS4, Folklore, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and other classics.

  5. DerGamer says

    I Player this for the trophies

  6. Kyle Scarbrough says


  7. FxLiquor feat OldSheikh says

    all people from my country plays on jailbroken PS3s instead

  8. the hillbilly gamer ! says

    I don't know this video seems like it's just making fun of poor people to me 👎

  9. GGI says

    man this hurts, seeing people like me still playing ps3 because they can't afford a ps4. i don't have money, im a 14yo living with my parents. i don't even play online because of my bad wifi so i just play gta iv offline 😕.

  10. Ian Enrique says


  11. Joslene Flores says

    Bro I'm still using one now

  12. FlyMartian says

    Mystic was aggressive back then lol

  13. olevet75 says

    It's scary how time flies we're on PS5 already but PS3 is still fresh and modern in my 📚. Like it was yesterday

  14. Lawr Ruiz says

    Great video as always.

  15. halffulltome says

    It’s few and far between. Not far and few between.

  16. truth be held says

    I still play ps3 trophy hunting

  17. Ali says

    Your hair is looking a lot fuller nowadays. What's your secret?

  18. Xbox:AltF4 NOT DC🇩🇪 says


  19. Niko Zazakos says

    Niko Zazakos

  20. jg pliskin says

    Do you guys think mystic would have said "you still ain't got one?" If the person hes speaking to wasn't black?

  21. Lockreed says

    The first guy is a champ in my books

  22. Xx Death xX says

    The ONLY reason I’d ever come back to ps3 is to play the online multiplayer of Arkham origins. It’s so underrated and god damn it I hope it gets remade in a future Arkham game, being able to play as Batman or thugs, or some of the villains like bane or joker was fuckin phenomenal and they never introduced an Arkham multiplayer after that. I couldn’t even play the awesome Arkham origins story on PS4 without buying a subscription ):

  23. Xx Death xX says

    10:55 I fuckin died lmao

  24. percyvael says

    I'd really only plug my ps3 back in to play bo2. I'm just mad lazy. also 5k people (and later in the video, 11k) is really good. i got bo2 on pc (was on sale) and there's barely anyone online for that unfortunately. maybe i should plug in the ps3 again… and my ps4 is kinda just sitting on my desk doing nothing ¯_(ツ) _/¯

  25. Viper says

    Little did people know that the PS5 reveal was on the horizon at this time, and some of them were still struggling to get a PS4.

  26. Kristian Nikolla says

    Dude Uncharted 3 had the best soundtrack I ever heard in a video game

  27. Hossein Shafaat says

    is it possible to unlock online trophies?

  28. Chemical_E says

    Biggest contributing factors imo:

    No backwards-compatibility for PS3 games on PS4 or PS5 (many games with still-active communities are not technically available on PS4)
    Free online
    Cheap consoles and games (for the moment)

  29. Ciaran McGuckin has fun says

    I have a ps5,ps4,ps3,ps2 and I've gone back to the ps2. I love the arcade style. Simple, challenging and fun. This video makes me want to go back online with ps3. Its crazy how a place where there use to be so many people. Now there are very few. Ps5 is a faster ps4. All playstations are just as fun. I love old games alot. Thanks for the great videos. 😀 Much Love

  30. Jet says

    Poor people. Poor people are still playing PS3. Don’t pretend otherwise.

  31. Jazeb Khan says

    nice vid

  32. Batman Rise says

    If I had a PS3 I'll be playing it in 2021 but I don't have a PS3 and why would I like to play a PS3 in 2021 because you can play online with your friends about paying online and having PS Plus also PS3 has better games than the PlayStation 4

  33. Razer Blank says

    Sadly my super slim power button not working any more

  34. Sunshine_bypolar says

    wo is okay ps3 in 2021

  35. shikuza.___03_u_. says

    I still play ps3. I play more ps3 more than I do with the ps4

  36. John JRMS says

    I had 2 ps3's when I was 13
    Then they got broke in 2015 and I bougth a ps4
    Now in 2021 I had the chance to get a slim model for 60 dollars and mod the console to read copy games
    Now I made my own ps3 games
    And its really a unique experience

  37. D. LGND says

    I play it today because my brothers use up most of the stuff in my house, plus it’s actually fun

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