PS4 – Daymare 1998 "Hades" Gameplay Trailer (2019) Zombie Game

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PS4 – Daymare 1998 “Hades” Gameplay Trailer (2019)
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  1. Ricardo Araujo says

    Legal que venha esse jogo ?
    Eu achei que ele estava morto, pois já faz um bom tempo que não havia notícias sobre ele.

  2. Michael Yturralez says

    You’d think in a game with so much shooting they would make the characters actually hold the gun properly…

  3. TheHotBoi says

    I'm getting tired of goddamn zombies, already. Except when they make a new RE game of course. Shit's getting old.

  4. Bos says


  5. Otaku_GameFan says

    Pretty interesting.

  6. No Bullshit Reviews NBR says

    So they just took the 4th survivor and stretched the hell out of it? Heavy pass on this crapfest.

  7. Trick Nick503 says

    Ya aburren los zombies mejor que regrese el turok o que regrese el dinocrisis

  8. Its13reezy says

    Joe u wanna play another zombie game

  9. CYBERWOLF73 says

    Not more zombies.

  10. Alexander Karl says

    Haha Resident Evil 0815 ?

  11. LiangHuBBB says

    RE 1.5

  12. Black Rider says

    Parece otro Resident Evil :v

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