PS4 – Dead by Daylight: Ash from EVIL DEAD Trailer

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PS4 – Dead by Daylight: Ash from EVIL DEAD Trailer
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  1. Nate W says

    I thought Bruce had retired from the role. Guess he was lying

  2. KellarJS says

    New Evil Dead game is coming for ps4 and xboxOne. Bruce campell confirmed, it's on work.

  3. Gz.TV's Game Z says

    I love music

  4. madguy881 says

    Naaaaah he should've that chainsaw hand….

  5. holy shit he is coming in the game

  6. John Mendoza says

    Groovy baby!?????

  7. Like this video? What the duck? Err, what the fuck autocorrect. And what the fuck is with this shit video, there was less footage of gameplay and more footage of that guy from … that spy show, ugh, the shitty one they play all day when you are "too sick" to go into work. Aww fuck, I don't care anyhow, fucking Evil Dead is stupid as fuck and so are video games.

  8. Pizza The Hutt says

    "Groovy" – Ash Williams

  9. Mr Thanos says

    Ash vs evil dead was so underrated a shame they had to cancel it

  10. john Zambrano says

    I never watched evil dead series i remember him from the greatest movie ever army of darkness?

  11. leandro hernandez says

    Ash william in mk11 when

  12. Dwayne Johnson says

    No fucking way my brother told this I instantly hopped on my phone looked it up on YouTube and saw it the actor who played ash from evil dead was actually going to be in dead by daylight and I’m actually surprised what this is going to be like this got me supa huped

  13. Iwuznothere says

    "You might remember me from Ash Versus Evil Dead". God, just make that knife go in deeper why don't you. There better be more Evil Dead video games if you just can't do it anymore physically.

  14. DX ShotgunMaster says

    Where is dead meat at?

  15. marcus howard says


  16. marcus howard says


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  19. Kelvin Martinez says


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