PS4 – IRON MAN VR Trailer (2019)

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PS4 – IRON MAN VR Trailer (2019)
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  1. HTgaming2901 says

    Take that Xbox one player's PlayStation rules!

  2. LopzDiego says

    What a shit! Quelle Merda! Que Mierda! Que bosta! Scheiß! Stercore! что за дерьмо! なんてたわごと! 什么狗屎! 무슨 똥!

  3. Wertzel1000 says

    Will this game be in the MGU? ?

  4. Sophie Sage says

    it would have been cool if rdj voiced iron man in the game

  5. Un Known says

    Next:The Incridible Hulk VR

  6. Joon - young says

    “Not actual gameplay” lol must be shit then

  7. Danny Fiore says

    bro why does this look lime the Iron man games i had for the Ps3??

  8. Alex Oellerich says

    It says not actual gameplay at the bottom of the trailer so odds are they dont wanna spoil anything so my guess is that this is just a little teaser and the actual gameplay footage will come later when it's much cleaner looking with a finished storyline

  9. wardog0099 says

    Looks gay af

  10. Mintteacup says

    This is 100% gonna be like the garbage spiderman one.

  11. Sean Walaszek says

    Its called ace combat 7.

  12. Ninjaneer says

    cute. hopefully free cause it looks more like an "experience" then a full fledged game.

  13. 702ed says


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