PS4 – The Division 2: Story Trailer (2019)

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PS4 – The Division 2: Story Trailer (2019)
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  1. michael mcdonough says

    damn the voice sounds familiar….is that linda Hamilton?

  2. Connah Nieurzyla says

    1:46 lots of hit markers

  3. TippTopp Hansil says

    im bying it..

  4. tocas21 says

    So just screw the story from the first one? Lol ubisoft at it again.

  5. METTY SAMA says

    Looks dumb, they had a chance to make a legit story but didn't

  6. Nathan B says

    Im definately playing Div2 and I already preordered but I loved the first trailers better. This one seems rushly made and cartoony. I hope the game wont be like this.

  7. LiangHuBBB says

    looks like a fun ride

  8. XpertRebel95 says

    I miss the snow tbh

  9. Anton says


  10. Lyrex28 says

    Crossing Fingers, There Is No Offline Mode.

  11. Oni Plays says

    “Who can we trust?” Not Ubisoft

  12. Venom 007 says

    I think the community of the 1st division will pass on this so will I. Shit was irritating with bullshit from these guys.

  13. Só Desgraça says

    Vai dormir Ubisoft
    Para com isso.

  14. RooK Gamer says

    احس جرافكس الجزء الاول احلى

  15. Max Kellerman says

    Looks like the same teaser trailer from about a year ago. I'll buy it because it's fun to play with your friends. Hopefully it's not as repetitive as the 1st one

  16. 대관령우유 says


  17. Not Mxtch says

    Crossing fingers it will be better than Division 1

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