Qala | Official Trailer | Tripti Dimri, Babil Khan, Amit Sial, Varun Grover | Netflix India

  1. Sragdhara Ghosh says

    Something like Black Swan!

  2. Navya Dabas says

    actress looking like jasmine

  3. Funny Animals Club House says

    Isme achhe gaane milne wale

  4. Satya Saran Patra says

    0:30 I think that's varun grover and I'm loving it

  5. SHAIL SHARMA says

    Why does it remind me of Black Swan?

  6. Fateha Bushra says

    It looks just like black swan instead of a Ballerina there’s a singer

  7. melodiousvisions says

    I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced after Bulbbul left me with a lot to appreciate and think about! CSF and Anvita Dutt are back with another entrancing, chilling work of art with incredible visuals and songs, it seems. And what a team of actors, too – Tripti Dimri looks like she's going to deliver another haunting performance, Babil Khan's aura is already so intriguing, the understated power there. And finally, the inimitable Swastika Mukherjee, absolutely killing it from these few glimpses, I expected nothing less from her! I have a feeling the dynamic of Swastika's Urmila to Tripti's Qala is going to be as complicated and compelling to me as Paoli's Binodini to Tripti's Bulbbul was…Very excited for this one! Also, Rubaaiyaan is STUNNING!

  8. Aditya Chaudhary says

    Wow looks original and beautiful retro ..

  9. Jolly Jamatia says

    I love tripti dimri so much she is so beautiful

  10. Akash Chakraborty says


  11. Nafisa Lubaba says

    Her smile ! <3

  12. dodoloco says

    kinda reminds me of perfect blue

  13. Anshuman Chaudhury says

    I am looking fwd to this bcuz Of babil

  14. prem singhania 01 says

    Kya bakwaas hai yaar new hero ko kmse km aache movie k liye ready kro flop jayege 100 percent

  15. Dr Ashraf says

    This movie gives Black-Swan Vibes.. 😀😀.. Natalie Portman eh..!! Babil Khan ..❤.

  16. Nayan Jain says

    Kinda gave me Black Swan vibes

  17. Debajyoti Guha says

    Must watch list !

  18. krsna says


  19. NX says

    Amaziinggg Cinematography

  20. Random Rant says

    The millenials and genz are one of my fav generations. because now people are doing what they acttually love to do then whatever it maybe.

  21. gamer sharnio says

    lata mangeshkar story it is!

  22. Karnika Singh says

    What's this song gumnam andhere k saye

  23. Sofy Thomas says

    Tripti…… she is beautiful lady

  24. 60 Aniket Suryawanshi says

    Wow babil kha

  25. Akshay Kapoor says

    Tripti Dimri- extra ordinary and hidden talent

  26. Alpesh Darji says

    Music and Cinematography ❤

  27. Yashvinder Singh says

    Adil 👍👍👍

  28. akbar says


  29. Aditi Raj says


  30. Brightpad vlogs says

    Tripti Dimri’s acting is a treat to the eyes

  31. Abhishek Singh says

    miss you irfan bhai..

  32. patel rajdeep says

    Kuch samaj me hi nahi aya

  33. Shubhra P says

    black swan feels

  34. Nilanjan Das says

    Bengali artists are constantly ignored, no mention of swastika Mukherjee in the starcast. Absolute disrespect

  35. Skylight says

    looks like a nice spin on imposter syndrome.

  36. utsavraj 14 says

    varun grover ko dekh kr achcha lga.

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