RAGE 2 – Official Launch Trailer

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RAGE 2 launches on May 14, but before it gets here, let’s roll back the clock to get you caught up with this launch trailer. Waaaaay back. All the way back to the first game and… beyond?

For more information on RAGE 2, follow these channels:

Official Site – https://beth.games/rage
Facebook – https://facebook.com/rage
Twitter – https://twitter.com/rage
Instagram – https://instagram.com/rage

ESRB RATING: Mature with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language and Suggestive Themes.


  1. Bethesda Softworks says

    It's here! The launch trailer of RAGE 2 reverses through the game all the way to the beginning….wait, what?! Insanity Rules! RAGE 2 launches May 14! What are you looking forward to most? Check out insta if you wanna see more action at launch! https://www.instagram.com/rage/

  2. Ying Yang Spinny Thang says

    ah yes

    wasteland destiny

  3. ScreamingPixels says

    Bethesda, stop ruining good games!

  4. Kyaw Zay Ya says

    Why that kind of intro become popular? Similar to sonic and there's more

  5. WesamL says

    Amazing game love to see a rage 3 pls 🙂

  6. CalmBeforeTheStorm says

    when i Rage
    i play Rage 2 to let my anger out.

  7. Gonzalo Guerrero says

    Come on, a sequel to rage but not one for QUAKE 1?
    game looks good, but i've been blueballed for more lovecraftian Quake for far too long :c

  8. Kyle Moss says

    This game is an odorless turd. But the title is relatable as I became enraged at the fact that I spent my hard earned money on this awful garbage.

  9. Wagner Diogo says

    1 year later and the controls still laggy on One S/PS4…

  10. Renita McKelphin says

    What song is this

  11. KarmA WaffLe says

    0:14 Yup that’s me, you might be wondering how I ended up in this situation

  12. UKSKIDS says

    Borderlands meets doom= rage 2

  13. Achievement Unlocked says

    To bad this game was kinda shit. Especially since they ruined the story of the first game.

  14. Dan The Man says

    I wish they made a RAGE 3 in 2020

  15. Павел Кучерук says

    напоминает Bulletshtorm

  16. grunge legend says

    I just got this game so far it's really fun

  17. Predator Fan 13 says

    Good trailer. I haven't been this disappointed in a game like this since Aliens: Colonial Marines. The ending sucked, and you have to reload an old save to return to the Wasteland. Save your money!

  18. Best game trailer ever

  19. Duncan188 says

    Rage 2: Exists

    Borderlands 3: I’m gonna end this mans whole career.

  20. Bill Goodwin says

    Why is it so female-centric? Glad I didn't buy this piece of shit. Fuck off, Bethesda.

  21. unnecessary NPC says

    general cross is basically general knoxx

  22. Goat Warrior says

    This game is absolute pure concentrated dog shit. Repetitive missions, bugs bugs bugs, awful driving physics, boring dialogue, ugly dated graphics. The first person combat is okay but Doom is better. Also, some serious othering going on with the female characters. Classic woke practice of making all females look and act as masculine as possible. Glad I played this on game pass and didn't actually buy it.

  23. Customdevil 92 says

    This rage 2 doe's not interest me what so ever this is teriible compared to the first one that one was flaming amazing this one is crap absolutely trible

  24. Conny Johansson says

    FUCK YOU Bethesda for this broken piece of shit. Bought the Rage 2 deluxe version played for about an hour and now the game wont start again. FUCK YOU i seriously hope you go out of business. A game that is about a year old shouldnt have these kind of babyproblem like starting up the fucking game. And getting stuck in loading

  25. legion says


  26. staci bulle says

    Absolutely amazingly dope shooter something we definitely needed (also this feels like something Deadpool would do)

  27. Anat0ny says

    all you had to say was i can make hot girl player

  28. Juliano Dimitrov says

    After experiencing the shitty save system in this game I know why it's called "rage"…
    Everything else is awesome tho

  29. Rafael Silva says

    Olá pessoal quem puder dar uma olhada e passar no meu canal tô fazendo um detonando do rage2 vale a pena conferir, um grande abraço a todos os brs?

  30. lasserchris says

    Been playing on Game Pass, the shooting is sooooo much fun…..

  31. RogueSpartan 285 says

    You know, I'm really pissed with these pre order bullshit. The Settler's Pistol and BFG 9000 is a part of the game, but you have to get the special pre order reward? This is Bullshit Bethesda. Remember DOOM (2016)? One of the reasons everyone loved that because you didn't do any of that BULLSHIT.

  32. i paint houses says

    Well thanx bethesda , i can not even finish the game !!! Cause the last mission doesnt trigger , and i see more people having that issue. I read in some comments i have to remove the game and re-install it. And here is the problem, it has a huge update with it that takes like a hour , so no thanks. If i bought it at full price i would be ffing mad. Btw we are now many months after release ( its december now ) and still didnt fixed that bug . Shame on you

  33. Gabriel T says

    After 6 month after release the game still has lag in the menu, and is still crashing, making you to reset your console because the game wont open anymore. Crap game

  34. Jorge luis Navarrete says

    Stupid trailer👎 awsome Game👍

  35. Mr Black Hat says

    Nice Trailer

  36. Ben Prins says

    I really really wanna buy Rage 2, love how id and Avalanche are working together. But I wanna buy it on Steam and don't wanna make an account.

    Remove that please Bethesda and you have a buy. Thats the only thing holding me back.

  37. Christian McBrearty says

    who else loved RAGE

  38. Arne Meier says

    For a game that is priced with 31,95€ – especially with a doubled price for the deluxe edition – I can't believe the game is so buggy. I mean I can live with the low-res textures from the first game, but since now the textures look nice, the game crashes far too often. I think the game was the last game I bought from Bethesda. Back in the old days, when Call of Cthulhu came out, your games were far better working. I never had any problems with the games back then. Now it's far too hard to finish the game… not because it's so hard, but it crashes so often. I wish I had bought it on steam so I would be able to get a refund. There were different situations, where my game just freezes:

    Situation 1: Upgrading the phoenix vehicle. Just opening the upgrade menu lets the game hang itself and I need to quit its process with the task manager.
    Situation 2: Running around the desert and the game randomly stops.

    Please fix your stupid game so I am satisfied… Just kidding, the game is awesome. Great movement and the parkour styled climbing when jumping from one edge to another just feels great. I don't use the slow-motion mode so often, because I don't feel the need. I also think there should be different approaches to clear the bases. I mean at least like in Far Cry, where you could sneak into the bases and kill everyone with a knife or a bow. I think the weapons could have a bigger variety or can be handcrafted somehow. Sorry for the rant. I was really eager to play the game but now I don't want to anymore.

  39. Jeroen Schepel says

    Am I the only one who hates this trailer???? It's spoils the entire game in just a few min. So much spoilers.. DAFUQQQQQQ

  40. Phissx Games says

    Looks horrible, And only toook them ..How long???? Gj though on providing another sequel to borderlands…

  41. AB2 Zee says

    Okay i finished the game last night and i approve its wayyyyyy better than expected
    Oh and the wizard is nuts

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