Rage 2 – Official Launch Trailer

  1. Guy from the West says

    The marketing team deserves some props. From what I hear about the game, it's not quite as INSANE as this trailer wants you to believe, but I am in all the same. Just waiting for it to drop to $40.

  2. Doofus 9 says

    Like lmao they were aware that the rage 1 end was bad so they made a DLC


    Looks dumb

  4. AktivGefickt says

    This Trailer is so fucking amazing.

  5. DustyV8sound says

    This is the game I've been waiting for since games went from 2D to 3D. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avalanche and Id. I give Rage 2 a full 150% score of 13/10 from me. Can't wait for new DLC, best game ever from the heart

  6. Donella Akerman says


  7. HellaHellaHella HEY says

    this is like the best trailer ever made.


    Anyone know the background soundtrack?

  9. Memet Sap says

    Artık yeni nesilde oyunları real life gameplay şeklinde oynayalım çünkü oyun görüntüsü tat vermiyor artık

  10. MILDLY INSANE says

    Bio shock meets madmax

  11. Fluffytail Priscilla says

    Borderlands wth more gory realistic graphics pretty much

  12. JokerCirca66 says

    to be honest, in the category of games not for me, this looks not bad, I'm usually not into KillZone / Fallout Monster Alien goofy ass games but with the Mad Max racing in there and the HALFLIFE 2 looking abilities, i dunno, id get it someday if its on sale.

  13. fredspies says

    Borderlands 3 with steroids. I'm in.

  14. Romel Walace says

    Parece um gta futurista

  15. Finn says

    Same Company that made fallout 76…

  16. martin tzanev says


  17. Adrien Forner says

    okayyyy that was pretty sick… Love it !

  18. F1x 10 says


  19. Srijae Datta says

    Best thriller I've ever seen

  20. Maka556 says

    Please tell me that the female VA for Walker is better, because this one is… not good.

  21. Empyrean God says

    oh its already out thats good for it they won't get obliterated by borderlands 3

  22. Jordan DiBenedetto says

    Does this story relate in any way to the first Rage?

  23. 千本正太 says

    Very creative trailer. Worth to watch even this humor I am getting tire of tho

  24. George M says

    It looks like a parody of Rage 1.

  25. T H says

    Fallout meets doom and sunset overdrive

  26. Nylo says

    Bethesda: Let's put all the bad words in the trailer, kids like edge roooight???

  27. Leferry says

    Italian gameplay on my channel ?

  28. C C says

    it is DOOM with Humor?


  29. Disent Design says

    this likes it might kill 10 minutes of my time…im not hoding my breath though.

  30. erbgorre says

    we may have finally found a way to have emmy award winning sam riegel play emmy award winning sam riegel within the context of a video game

  31. keikei79 says

    I would like to Rage too.

  32. Captain Ivo says

    Borderlands universe irl

  33. Michael Moreno - Ramirez says

    General Cross looks like Darth Vader without his mask.

  34. NATESOR says

    thanks for 1080p 30fps trailer. Glad to feel like it's 2009 again.

  35. Blaze Strawn says

    If the game is anything like the writing for this trailer…I’m in

  36. Nerosarc Sarc says

    anyone else not notice this game launched. jesus they where quite about it. and they expect to sell lot's of copies lmao

  37. Shig says

    how many paid influencers are in this comment section right now?

  38. Just Another Username says

    Never played the first Rage game but after watching this trailer, I have no idea what is going on but I like it.

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