RAGE 2 "Weapons and Abilities" Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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RAGE 2 “Weapons and Abilities” Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : May 14th 2019
© 2019 – Bethesda Softworks

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  1. Atiq ur Rahaman says


  2. Xander Park says

    Will be live streaming on release day @ XanderPark on Twitch ?

  3. Games Plus says

    MadMax + Doom / Rage 2

  4. J. Geshua says

    A woman in the front cover… Wonder what that means. ?

  5. Entropy Spawn says

    So, basically Doom guy with super powers in the Far Cry New Dawn setting plus some rpg elements sprinkled above.
    I'm afraid this particular style of over the top-ness my be already played out quite a bit.

  6. Fco Celso says

    Rage 2? It's more like BulletStorm 2…

  7. GuardianBlackWolf13 says

    Rage, you pull me in with these trailers but the ending of your first game still stings and turns me away

  8. JLNProps says

    Stocked for the BFG!

  9. LeeGinSing says

    You can stop. I think they're dead. (All weapons, skills, and abilities)

  10. Juliuh RR says

    I dont understand this channel

  11. pandering pangoro says

    Feel like u just waste a shit ton of ammo fir no reason, their better be Plenty of ammo resources.

  12. madár pauser says

    Neat. ???

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