Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Just revealed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine is a brand-new 3-player tactical co-op FPS and will be available in 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

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Developed by a new dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine is set several years in the future of the Rainbow Six Universe. The Rainbow Operators will face off against a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite infecting human hosts and their surroundings. Set in 3-player coop PVE, players can prepare to launch into tense, chaotic and totally unpredictable missions as they will risk everything with their squad, every time they step into quarantine. Available 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

Rainbow Six Quarantine: E3 2019 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]



    lOl this is such a coincidence for you guys

    I watched this ad during quarantine and actually thought they made this bc of real quarantine

  2. Ynot_44 says

    This is gonna turn into Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots l have a feeling

  3. Mohammad Usman says

    What a coincidence. We got a real life quarantine as well

  4. Festerr says


  5. Euphoria says


  6. Blue says


  7. gamer 27 says

    Hey…… C'mon…….. Do something

  8. Jason Schilinski says

    What could this video mean?

  9. Airlinelad says

    I guess Ubisoft predicted our future

  10. Roan says


  11. Raven says

    its kinda funny how this game is spot on with todays events lmfao

  12. miguelupz says

    probably not even gonna be what it looks like

  13. Lynx TM says

    Why is it still not out

  14. Rudez says

    wait that girl at the end, isn't it Ela?

  15. RubyLazer says

    2020 the sara cov 2 has made a world wide quarentine this game predicted our future

  16. Jerimiah Arias says

    Anyone else hear the yokai drone

  17. Nithin Danday says

    Why are the only captions for this video in turkish?

  18. Hydra says

    yo wtf with elas face look like my granny tho

  19. Musa I of Mali says

    2020 gives new meaning to this title!

  20. Road To Glory says

    Free Ash elite skin hehe

  21. gfxgfsgfg says

    Objectives:search all zombies

  22. gfxgfsgfg says

    If ash rescue hostage,this teaser would 1 sec

  23. Fhkk Bb says

    Rainbow six shelter in place

  24. Hillson Mandela says

    The name hasn't aged well

  25. Martijn Rolvers says

    It will be cancelled like Patriots.

  26. Vincent says

    would be nice if it really comes this year 😀 you know why ..

  27. iZaakDZ says

    I Hope its not a better version of cod advanced warfare or cod… hopefully its good

  28. Nathan Relano says

    am i really the only one who thinks that this RS – Quarantine is just a bunch of Mobile Task Force that's on everyday job???

  29. Nathan Relano says

    A wild virus Spreads : xaxaxaxaaa

    Beta-7 : Breathes "No."

  30. SaltyToad says

    Oddly specific timing dont ya think?

  31. Super Friday says

    They had to make a new system for this? They could've put this on the PS4

  32. The DucK says

    This aged well

  33. Lexusss says

    actual footage of december 2020

  34. GT Dodge says

    It looks like almost photorealism guys

  35. Shelley No says

    Unlike ovetwatch 2 this game is different than siege

  36. Crumb says

    Welp, this didn't age well. Neither did Burnt Horizon…I'm seeing a pattern I'm not so sure I like…

  37. Andrew Serrata says

    Is this game be like gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege? I hope it is :.)

  38. Ghost Doom says

    Ah yes march 2020 the trailer.

  39. CrzBonKerz21 says

    Create a new IP for this. What makes this a R6 game???

  40. JohnRTC says

    This aged well

  41. Fett Fan says

    Lion and finka?

  42. Your-a-BOOMER says

    Kind of ironic don’t you think

  43. VittorioCanale says

    hmmmmm so i guess that was a lie…

  44. Alex Hall says

    Also why are defenders extracting hostages XD the attackers die

  45. william hardjo says

    if covid

  46. Alex Hall says

    All fun in games till the corona starts turning people into alien zombies

  47. Dewi retno Hapsari says

    But now we are got quarantined

  48. MrKained123 says

    Lol… Metal gear survive. Ubi edition.

  49. Charles_f_z_ IG says

    what better time to release than during an actual quarantine

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