RESIDENT EVIL 2 The Ghost Survivors Launch Trailer (2019) PS4 / XBox One / PC

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RESIDENT EVIL 2 The Ghost Survivors Launch Trailer (2019) PS4 / XBox One / PC
© 2019 – Capcom

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  1. Louis Kelemen says

    Free but boring as hell, the Hunk mission with different maps, no dialouge, one of them is legit a horde survival with infinite ammo
    Few new enemies and few places from the original game
    Should've just cotained this stuff in the main campaigns

  2. Gavran - says

    The forgotten soldier is hank right?? And who its the others?

  3. Joshua Grigg says

    The zombies with the glowing eyes and the purple mist coming out of their mouth‘s reminds me of Ghostbusters.

  4. sadetwizelve says

    RE7>All other RE games

  5. Eren GOAT Yeager says

    It’s free but honestly looks pointless not a fan

  6. walied XIV says

    1:30 she's smiling ?

  7. Zeparoh says

    that chcik is hot and thicc

  8. Zeparoh says


  9. matthew eyo says

    I mean it's free but I cant help but kind wish there was like a reason to play thru them

  10. Emmanuel Toledo says

    1:04 another beauty woman to play Resident Evil

  11. Julian Garcia says

    I thought they would have a story for all three of them guess not


    Yawn… no actual story just run and gun like Hunk and Tofu, lame.

  13. bestbasstard will says

    Did she just pull a flame thrower out her vagina??

  14. srinath scoar says

    Wtf is this

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