Revisiting Popular PS2 Games In 2019

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Revisiting Popular PS2 Games In 2019 | RoboKast
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Back in the day I played a lot of good games on the PS2. But, as I moved on to the latest and greatest consoles, I forgot about these nostalgic games and didn’t touch them for years. Today, we are going to revisit these old Playstation 2 games and see how they have held up over the years.

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Making videos since 2015, I cover the rise and fall of various games and trends in the gaming industry. With videos covering “Why Games Failed” and “Why Games Died”, I try to revisit nostalgic and classic games that were popular in the past.


  1. TimothyPage06 says

    You touched on one point that I feel was important: I cared about whether games were fun rather than 'good'. A lot of my favourite games from that era were solid 6/10 or 7/10 games, but at the time I didn't care, I had fun with them.

    Now, I work 9-5 I have to research games and figure out if they are 'worth' my time. Also, now our expectations for games are so high (with the abundance of online reviews) that developers are afraid to take the oddball risks that older games did.

  2. Blue_Mopar Blaine says

    I will never forget when 5 year old me figured out how to actually beat the thievius raccoonus. i haven’t felt a high like that in 2 decades.

  3. Blueblack247 says

    i Agred Roboblast video some the ps2 games he enjoys im interest in my childhood Ace combat ps2 exclusive games sonic the hedgehog 007 Franchise Ratchet and clank jak and Dexter as a Metalhead i emjoy playing quake 3 revolution unreal Tournament half life Soldier of fortune Return to Castle Wolfenstein red faction shinobi cold winter area 51 Warhammer 40k fire Warrior the Punisher 2005 metal Gear solid 2 and 3 Grand Theft Auto devil may cry god of war killzone

  4. CBoy Slim says

    dude… THUG was the peak of the tony hawk series… that game aged so well

  5. para_cuja Gaming says

    Simpsons hit & run aged so well 😂 playing it with an emu on my phone right now, works perfectly with the PS5 controller 😍

  6. Oliver Fawcett says

    Recently got the fat PS2 out of the cupboard and my games, playing Simpsons Hit n Run after all this time it is still a really well crafted and enjoyable game.
    I wasn't much into platformers as a kid due to limited patience but I've grown to appreciate them and Sly Cooper is definitely fun.
    Yes, objectively measuring a game can certainly give you less enjoyment, so if it's fun, just play it who cares 🙂

  7. Remix says

    Amazing, grew up with sly cooper, jac and daxter, Rachel and clank and simpsons hit and run and the Star Wars game where u could do giant 100 v 100

  8. Cay9s says

    I played a lot of these games a while back but I don't remember them

  9. Stavros Christodoulou says

    We need a sly cooper remake on ps5

  10. Xyabra says

    You can't just say something
    and not show it.

  11. Panzi Megantara says

    you guys revisiting? i played it all day long.

  12. Brandon Jones says

    Sly Cooper was literally my childhood. Still play those games to this day.

  13. E=MC² says

    I dont know if u guys know the game Crash Nitro Kart but it was the best game to play with friends its like Mario kart

  14. Gonzo Lonzo says

    I feel pretty confident that no matter how many years pass by, I'll always be able to map out perfectly the roadway of the first level of hit and run.

  15. Gonzo Lonzo says

    The dad decking the little girl in the face is how I wanna be when I grow up and have kids

  16. Kotsos V. says

    im too late but barnyard for ps2 is the best game ive ever played

  17. the_chris_tdw says

    Who else can't wait for a PlayStation 2 Mini Classic?

  18. T.G says

    Did you not play any of the Spider-Man games on ps2

  19. DCF_530_ says

    I still have a PS2 along with 122 games with some of the best games. Tony Hawk's Hawk's Underground being one of them. Favorite skateboarding game ever.

  20. The satranger tomatoee says

    1:48 what infamous series? There are a lot

  21. I sla says

    These are some of my top ps2 games:

    – The Sly Cooper games
    – Barnyard : the game
    – GTA SA, VC ,LC, VCS
    – Simpson hit and run
    – Mercenaries
    – Star wars battlefront
    – Jak and Daxter
    – Tony Hawk: American wasteland
    – Sims 2
    – The cars movie game
    – Midnight club 2 and 3
    – just cause 1
    – Def jam NY
    – Spiderman 2
    – war of the monsters
    – True crime 1 and 2
    – Hulk: ultimate destruction

    And many more, some i don't even know their names.

  22. Xperted___ Pt2 says

    1. Simpson hit and run
    2. Scarface the world is yours
    3. True crime of ny or la
    4. Godfather
    5 gta San Andreas

  23. fritski says

    I just wish I could play Simpsons Hit & Run without buying a PS2, just make it backwards compatible for PS5 or the Xbox One/Xbox Series X 🙄

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