Riot Games available with Xbox Game Pass – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

  1. isotonique says

    Will lol be on xbox?

  2. Artie Alfaro says


  3. Neso says

    Will valorant be on xbox ? And will it be free

  4. OnurTheGamer says

    I really thought Valorant was going to be on Xbox.

  5. Docta Derp says
  6. PHXNTXM says

    I’ma be real dawg, I don’t care unless Riot Games are coming to Xbox consoles.

  7. Echicken Tiken says

    When will be valorant on the xbox series?

  8. NXZVISION says


  9. Kühson says

    Kenn you pls Valorent

  10. Kratos says

    when it will be released can you tell me

  11. Agent Turbo says

    wait will it be for free in the microsoft store

  12. xWitherKingx says

    man i really want valorant on console

  13. gh9stmari says

    Just release on xbox already.

  14. PaksTheShade says


  15. Froens says

    How do i link my account?

  16. Ema Mitrovic says

    hell naww

  17. Unreal says

    It will soon maybe just wait

  18. King_ pax says

    When will it be released ?

  19. Ju says

    and how can iconnect my xbox acc with riot acc?????

  20. scarlaa says


  21. Czdam says

    How do i Connect my Account

  22. Jonas Jerner says

    Please relese Valorant for Xbox Cloud. Only Conseole and PC now! 😥

  23. KiknTiger Is #1 says

    Will valorant be on Xbox??????

  24. NyczerAdi says

    when to go?

  25. ZilexTom says

    Does anyone know the release date?

  26. The Joker says

    Bruh y’all baited like half the gaming community

  27. ZAXELZ says

    GODD <3

  28. Floof edits says

    Yo if you see my comment spam Val on console

  29. Delenn Grey says

    LOL = the most toxic community I ever saw

  30. shaneH187 says

    Thanks for baiting me.

  31. Insert_User says

    but how do we connect them??

  32. Yahli Bar says

    how do you activate it?

  33. عبدالله says

    Now I am stupid if I don’t get Xbox series s

  34. Artem4k says

    Why not on Xbox ???

  35. Cadet Library says

    Shut up and take my money

  36. MR. Daved says

    They should be all free anyways

  37. Chantal C says

    so …if I just paid for that month and then cancell are the characters back to locked mode?

  38. RenTheZen says

    these games becoming pay to win for characters

  39. yang dunajskyy says

    So you can get free champs but still can't play the game. Stupid af

  40. Mr. Destruction says

    just give us RP

  41. YPOOK says

    Project L??????

  42. Peter White says

    Kinda bs for old players who spent years trying to unlock all the champions in league, but it definitely does incentivize new players

  43. Ye Ne says

    Am I the only one annoyed that i grinded for years to unlock every champ in league of legends and there just like oh you got game pass here you go

  44. Вася Пупкин says

    And Steam Deck got stood up. Disliked

  45. Ajes says

    will they add achievements? if not, im not interested in the slightest

  46. Marcoplays says


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