Rune Factory 5 | PC Announce Trailer

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Sow the seeds of your new life in Rune Factory 5 coming to Steam this July 13th!

Work with the people of Rigbarth to help the town flourish, forging friendships and make your mark!

Go to Steam now and take advantage of the 15% discount:

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  1. VG2 says

    I love the Rune Factory games.
    The rune factory games are amazing on console.
    Rune Factory 4 had a buggy PC release, but the updates fixed it up and its better now. RF4 is a great PC game.
    Rune Factory 5 is also going to be a great PC game. I have high hopes for it.
    Even if it were to release with a couple of bugs, a few updates would fix it up sharp.

  2. DJKanoe says

    Awesome news! The Switch release was terrible performance wise so I'll grab it now that it is on PC.

  3. AkiraDKCN says


  4. Bolaum Mius says

    Please, consider giving us proper regional pricing in Brazil, the way it is right now it costs 15%~20% of the average monthly income over here.

  5. Elli Darffy Grown ♪ says

    Amazing, I'm buying this one again on my pc! 🥰

  6. 라이쟈의아틀리에2 says

    진짜 재밌는 게임

  7. Angel Fox Dreamer says

    Disappointed the effort into fixing issues with the game likely went to making a port of it instead. Also makes me worried. Not sure how good a port will be from a developer who couldn't make the game work perfectly on the intended platform.

    I still found Rune Factory 5 on the Switch really enjoyable. Not surprising to learn about the port since Xseed games seems to be more in control.

  8. Chipsdonut says

    I just noticed but this is the first video from marvelous where they disabled the dislike button entirely. I wonder why?………….

  9. Ahmad Subhan says

    Hope it will get more better port in pc version cause its easier to fix rather than switch

  10. Morrigan Renfield says

    Well THIS is a pretty big deal considering the switch version runs like arse. Might look into it now!

  11. James Lo says

    How about you fix the Switch version before you decide to port. It's a mess! Oh well, I guess there's no chance of it having those abysmal frame rate dips on my PC (not that I'll get it).

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