Rust – Announcement Teaser | PS4

  1. Влад Лагутин says


  2. insane says

    Hurrrryyy uppp

  3. Ну, что там, уже середина марта, когда выйдет то?

  4. Legendary _ says

    Это даже звучит смешно

  5. Oberstleutnant steiner says

    When will it finally come

  6. El SacaCorchos says

    how much time need wait! i want it NOOOOW

  7. Sukma Dek says

    Controllers will be lost

  8. Brenoas1612 says


  9. Its yo boi Hey Its Gabe says

    Its 2020 where's my rust?

  10. くいっくさん says


  11. Danny Salazar says

    Playstation just as a question in what month or around what month will the game come out?

  12. Vincenzo Ribaudo says

    When come out?

  13. Ryder Yarbrough says

    Yo this game is so fun on ps4 can’t wait till u guys try it out I’m head back to 2021

  14. Bobby Johnson says

    The ps4 community is gonna turn toxic asf I’m just waiting

  15. Jeje Xd says

    I have not played Rust in over a year, now that I have come back I see how much one of my favorite games has advanced and that it has finally reached the consoles, it makes me happy and nostalgic to see it as one of the most toxic steam communities powered this game to such a level that we hit the consoles. Now, we must continue transmitting this cancer.

  16. Kasumi says


  17. mxmxmx ttv says

    Who’s still waiting?

  18. Egor Krylov says


  19. MyBoss Dxb says

    Its Already 2O2O

    When Its Gonna Be Released???

  20. RM2020 says

    When is it being released

  21. kaiden Games says

    When release date and will it be on ps5

  22. Killer Games says

    Im fine

  23. Killer Games says



    I want to know the date will be released rust for console so very eager to play .

  25. Monkey boy says

    Finally something to replace ark

  26. ThriLx_ says

    Please tell me it’s not gonna be 60$

  27. ProfessorSavage 21 says

    When in 2020 is it coming out

  28. Ethan S says

    Just like ark on ps4 this game might be in 144p

  29. Wolfie SY says

    i'm on pc and still waiting … i hope its cross platform
    hmmmm what about the ak recoil on console pls PS4 and XBOX don't give aim bot to them

  30. A Plush says

    Rust would’ve rusted by the time it got to console 🤠

  31. Gabriele Fedele says

    Release these pls for ps4

  32. the epic gamer pro says


  33. аа бб says


  34. Faze_killzone 23 says


  35. Cian plays 360 says

    I'm so happy this us finally coming out for console

  36. Jeltify says

    Xbox teaser is exactly the same

  37. sleepi boi says

    Yay now I can pay extra every month just to play it while on pc I only pay once

  38. ZAKHU says

    Someone knows the release day?

  39. Bram Korsten says

    When does it come out

  40. jesse joj says

    Im ken not vind it

  41. J O S I A S chochias34 says

    Xd 29 de febrero 2020 y aun espero xd

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