Salaam Venky – Official Trailer | Kajol | Vishal Jethwa | Aamir Khan | Revathy | 9th Dec 2022

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Witness the story of Sujata and her son Venky, as they navigate through the most challenging situations one can ever face with a smile and teach us the true meaning of living BiG. Based on a true story of a life well lived.

Starring: Kajol, Vishal Jethwa, Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aahana Kumra, Prakash Raj, Priya Mani, Riddhi Kumar, Aneet Padda, Jai Neeraj, Maala Parvathi, Kamal Sadanah and Aamir Khan.

Directed by: Revathy
Produced by: Suuraj Sinngh, Shraddha Agrawal and Varsha Kukreja
Dop: Ravi Varman
A Mithoon Musical
Creative Director: Suuraj Sinngh
Creative Producer: Priyank V Jain
Adapted Story & Screenplay: Sammeer Arora
Additional Screenplay & Dialogues: Kausar Munir
Story based on the book titled: “The Last Hurrah” by Shrikant Murthy
Editor: Manan Sagar
Sound Design: Tapas Nayak
Production Design: Sandeep Sharad Ravade
Executive Producer: Anshuman Singh and Yogesh Tevatia
Choreographer & Associate Director: Pony Verma
Costume Design: Radhika Mehra
Post Production: The Post Co.
Lyrics: Mithoon and Sandeep Shrivastava
VFX: Ny Vfxwaala, Whiteapple Studios, Vriksh Studios
Marketing: Yash Suchak and Suraj Rao
Visual Promotion: Manan Sagar & Siddharth Bharti (Studio Vedah)
Casting: Anti Casting
Media Consultant: Parag Desai (Universal Communications)
Colour: RedChillies.color
Colorist: Ken Metzker
Associate Colorist: Devansh’s Desai
Digital Marketing: TheSmallBigIdea
Publicity Design: Parass Kanani (House of Awe)

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  1. rohanpatkar9 says

    Ye jhaatu kyun aaya aamir nai dekhna hai ab … Saala bakwaas actor

  2. Sreekumar PR says

    After long time in this Bollywood movie, can see life….✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  3. Santosh says

    Wow.. Vishal ko dekh ke Sushanth yaad aagaya… Koi remake tho nahi ye film? Kuch bhi ho trailer achcha tha.

  4. Agneesh Thakur says

    From Maharana pratap seriel to here in Venky…… Vishal jethwa is brilliant.

  5. Santosh says

    Wow.. Vishal ko dekh ke Sushanth yaad aagaya… Koi remake tho nahi ye film? Kuch trailer achcha tha

  6. Dreamweaver says

    What's with the last two seconds? 🥱 Good inspiring trailer spoiled by the urge to leverage on guest appearances that nobody really cares about anymore. Please treat an actor in a movie as an actor in a movie.

  7. Abhijeet Verma says

    Bakwas trailer…

  8. Vivek Kumar says

    Vishal you are such a Nuclear Bomb…. No one can beat your talent… MASTER PIECE

  9. Maqbool says

    Pora movie Dekha d

  10. speed- update says


  11. Divyanshu 69 says


  12. Divyanshu 69 says

    #old Bollywood back ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Jane Austen says

    Visha lJethal, Kajol, Rajiv Khandelwal, Rahul Bose, Prakash Raj, Aamir Khan in one movie together with a heart warming story. Finally a movie worth the wait. Let's make it a hit guys

  14. Paulina Putri says

    hope can see it 🥰


    Sorry mom

  16. pradeep nayak says

    Boycott amir khan and this movie also

  17. Urmila Jaiswal says

    Idk but now this seems like a real movie, from a man who gave us movies like 3idiots and Taare Zameen par



  19. Sanjay Chillar says

    Anti Hindu movies and the rise of Islamization in India via Bollywood. SMH. When will you idiots learn

  20. sumathi Manimaaran says

    Vishal acting super

  21. Pam D says

    OMG Aamir Khan looks so young, can’t wait to see Kajol again, and Vishal, oh man he has talent to rival even the older actors. After seeing him as a villain, it will be interesting to see another side of his acting

  22. Sivasankari S says

    His performance in Mardhaani 2 is awestruck.

    He has proved once again in this movie. Can see that from trailer. Kajol has got a tough competitor on wheels.

  23. Shrikant Rathod says

    Everyone is saying why SALAAM is used instead of namaste… are bhai kisi ki agar misaal di jaaye.. kisi ko salute kare toh salaam hi kahenge na… kahi bhi Hindu Muslim ka mudda la dete ho yaar…..

  24. Get Explored says

    No ones gonna talk about Rajeev Khandelwal??

  25. Sandy Pw Artist 🥰 says

    Amir khaan kahan hai yarr trailer main 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  26. Vyshnavi Kr says

    Seeing as a main character feel so happy.I'm his fan from sree hanuman and mardani 2.excellent

  27. Kanhaiya says

    Yahaan bhi Kajol chiffon saree mein. Where are you KJo?

  28. Pandey Devesh says

    Aamir khan mtlb Boycott krne ka 😊😊

  29. Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, misses you. Because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars💝

  30. Nitheesh Narayanan says

    Vishal Jethwa looks like Ivar the boneless….

  31. Vishal.. Talented boy 👌👌

  32. Mat Zac says

    Eager to see Aamir Khan & Film by Revathy with Kajol

  33. Khan Taneem says

    Isme delete hogiya hoga ye pakka

  34. Janhvi Bansal says

    He has some serious acting issue ❣️❣️ love his acting evertime

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