Samaritan – Official Trailer | Prime Video

25 years ago, the world’s greatest hero vanished. Sylvester Stallone stars in Samaritan, coming August 26 only to Prime Video.

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Samaritan – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. tnmv1984 says

    Loving his return….arnie and sly are actual superheroes actors.

  2. Husky Silva says

    que bosta, só fez um filme +/- (1º rambo) depois só fez porcaria.

  3. BK says


  4. John Doe says

    This will be worth watching. Kind of crazy for me to say that about a super hero film, but here we are.

  5. Valery Nosus says

    Очередной мусор американской говноиндустрии

  6. OrFenn Schuller says

    Is he the same samaritan from astro city comics?

  7. Stephen Young says

    Sylvester Stallone, A legend.

  8. Dani Martinez says

    Stallone un super héroe!?? 😮😮

  9. Benjamin Myburgh says

    This new Rocky looks dope

  10. boy sihotang says

    0:170:21 like The Karate Kid movie

  11. Alejandro Favre Podstavka says

    WTF is this shite?..

  12. desmond miles says

    a living legend. Silvester Stallone is the best action movie actor ever lived. Cobra, Rocky, Rambo, Cliffhanger … its expressiveness, its scenographic presence is unattainable. over the past 15 years I have seen hundreds of action movies with new actors. currently nobody, NOBODY is able to compete with Sly.

  13. Curtis Gabriel says

    Oh look, another superhero movie, just what we need. Not just any old superhero though. No No. This is a 76 year old superhero. Prime video, Sign me up.

  14. Matex Starkid - Originals says

    Niceness Just!

  15. Sohayung says

    my man is back, i learned many things frome him , (never give up , keep working untill u die )

  16. Waqar Alee says

    What about Hindi ????

  17. This brought Archenemy (2020) to mind.

  18. Quentin P says

    A super hero movie better than the MCU ? Or DCU ? I hope !!! The Boys is a masterpiece in the genre and i want to believe it'll be the same

  19. Alexander Reshniak says

    Такое ощущение что человек посетил зубной кабинет дантиста и там делали обезболивающий укол, после которого человек не может чётко нормально говорить некоторое время – весь фильм слушать невнятную речь – это самоистязание для кинозрителей или какой-то драматургический приём? Где друзья Сильвестра, чтобы подсказывали новоиспечённым режиссёрам "азы" хорошего кино – речь должна быть чёткая как в ранних фильмах, Сильвестр неувядаемый, дурацкую седину в естественный нормальный цвет волос, дешёвые трюки остановки взрывной волны одной левой рукой в фэнтезийную струю для 3-5 летних детей – это же фильмы для нормальных взрослых людей – элементарный реализм как база для всех завихрений сюжета.

  20. Mark H-S says

    "Samaritan" = If "Rambo" was a homeless man. 😑

  21. Michael Kennedy says

    So basically it's a rip off of I Am Legend with Will Smith… But better ? 🤔

  22. shashank rao says

    Samaritan is like Rambo on steroids 🙂

  23. Muhammad Al-Turk says

    good movie

  24. Rishikesh Bareth says

    He's look like Amitabh Bachchan Sir

  25. IC says

    Love him, true cinema actor and Man)

  26. beyerch says

    Was it just me, or does he sound different?

  27. John Ashmore says

    He's Italian, not Samarian, that's Samarian face! Apologize!

  28. Percy says

    Looks pretty cool, kind of getting Hancock vibes

  29. A M. says

    he is absolutely a legend!! You go SLY!!

  30. Rex Yeung says

    Stallone 👋

  31. Jaegar1Nine says

    When Rocky gets tired of the restaurant business

  32. LabGorilla says

    This looks badass!

  33. Angel Robles says


  34. miel the squid says

    I was excited to discover a new Stallone character until I realised it was a super hero movie.. again.. yuck

  35. Rusty Rocket says

    Stupid name for a film they could of thought of something clever

  36. Evandro Souza says

    Its be good cuz is Stallone. nice!!!!!!!!

  37. Flávio Force says

    Um verdadeiro Super Herói… feliz demais com esse lançamento… essa é a verdadeira essência.

  38. Eureka Films says

    why every trailer has the same song FXs… why don't they mixed things up a bit… learn with James Cameron

  39. Grant Slater says

    I think this movie is gonna be funny bad.

  40. Paul Bouchard says

    Super hero is the new theme now?

  41. Freed Thinker says

    Just when I thought male testosterone was illegal

  42. Count Volkihar says

    Like sir Christopher Lee, Sylvester Stallone is a megastar, while Sir Lee was the legendary star of horror movies… Sylvester Stallone is the mega legend of action movies, I do love his movies…
    Even the short trailer here is haunted by his class and experience…

  43. Big sexy says

    Can't wait to watch it looks great !!!

  44. Conservative Beast says

    This actually looks pretty good

  45. Damian Walters says

    Definitely watching this

  46. Creator's Journey says

    A living legend!!! ✊🏼🤙🏼

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