Scorn – New Gameplay & Release Date Trailer – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Explore a mesmerizing labyrinth this Halloween! Scorn will release on 21st October 2021. You awaken in the middle of a desolate and decayed hellscape; a once industrious civilization now lay in ruin. Surrounded by nightmarish, biomechanical contraptions, you must explore your environment to progress. Your nightmare is about to begin…Available to play on Xbox Series X|S and day one with Game Pass.


  1. zencapri says

    Reminds me of Dead Space, Silent Hill and Little Nightmares all rolled up into one!

  2. Luxxiluna says

    Ahhhh Health! ❤

  3. Izidoro Raziel says


  4. christopher gearwar says

    Can I get the music from this trailer lol

  5. ripelivejam says

    Cant wait for hr giger's estate to take legal action

  6. Samuel Iniguez says

    Please release it on PS5 🙁 I refuse to get an Xbox just for this game. I guess I’ll be stuck watching gameplays of this amazing game 😪

  7. sheshwon uon says

    Pisses me off that its not playable on xbox one

  8. Myth Elementz says

    I'm back and can't wait for this to drop

  9. Dz Gaming says

    They way he's walking he's like falaying and not walking

  10. Dz Gaming says

    This game really do not look like next generation games Lol it's like 2016 doom with ps3 graphics

  11. Dz Gaming says

    This game will have bad reviews remember that 😊

  12. Edgar Ontiveros says

    It's looks amazing so excited

  13. Kumakare says

    lol the description says 2021 ITS ALREADY OUT GUYS

  14. ComicPunkGuy says

    I'm just going to kill the game's music after the first playthrough and just blast TOOL's discography

  15. Imhim247 says

    Awesome game from Serbia 🇷🇸 👏 👌 🙌 👍 😎

  16. Shirou Emiya says

    I hope they release this year .

  17. suripto kiman says

    thank you very much xbox gamepass. your my true friend

  18. daremon 420 says

    Another Xbox (& pc) exclusive 😁
    Still not playing it

  19. Content_for_memes says

    I've been waiting for this game every since it git announced back in 2014

  20. Jeremy Loveday says

    H.R. Giger: The Game

  21. EightiesMusiqLover says

    I dunno about getting this one on day 1 in physical copy form, because it’s been advertised and in development for what seems like…forever. I’m kinda on the “fence” with this one…

  22. Williemay100 says

    hp lovecraft meets Hr giger

  23. Kristen Malkiewicz says


  24. TheyCallMeTeeg says

    Oof 7 years too long. Pretty sure 8 by the time it releases
    Been waiting the whole time

  25. Michael Brooks says

    I just can’t wait to play this Reminders me of the alien movies

  26. Josu David says

    Agony re-made. 2.0

  27. Elwing says

    "most disgusting videogame" award goes to…

  28. DarkWorker says

    21st October 2021 ?

  29. plussixty says

    "Scorn will release on 21st October 2021" how do i buy it then?

  30. why does this video has age restriction, but the same one doesnt have it on ign channel? wtf!?

  31. pete smart says


  32. Dii h says


  33. DiO5 says

    It looks like… Art!

  34. polarissucks says

    this looks great

  35. Heidenherz says

    Reminds me so much of eXistenZ, nice movie.

  36. Javier Vallés says

    Lo espero con ganas 😍

  37. J ET says

    This gonna be memorable…😣

  38. OGMillwood says

    Giger the game, about time

  39. NintendoHub says

    I can’t lie the Xbox and Bethesda show was much greater than I was expecting

  40. Jamie Wain says

    Them guns that they have shown in previous trailers look grotesque but i love it 👍

  41. Sangrails says


  42. Eric S says

    HR would be proud

  43. The Blue Pixeling says

    Did H.R. Giger design this game?

  44. Matt .o.nutz3d nutz says

    Yes ,disturbing but i like it and i buy it

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