Scorn – Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022

  1. BrittanyMW ancient light says


  2. DzemIHleb says


  3. IndicaBreath says

    Not on PlayStation 😔

  4. Sean O says

    Wont do gd even w/Doug as voice , cz it's only on PC and Xbox 😒

  5. realeala says

    The people who designed this game, need to get involved with alien film series

  6. Keri Currant says

    Who's the annoying guy talking over this thing

  7. CandyCaneKnight says

    Me as that african guide guy: Hoke o, _ o

  8. John Anderson says

    This should have came to PS4

  9. marina maric says

    Bolesna igrica

  10. says


  11. bubuji bujibuji says

    Is that pc game ??

  12. Cris Oliveira says

    "An insult to life itself. 10 out of 10" — Hayao Miyazaki

  13. Jeffrey Ramsaur says

    Extremely disappointing puzzle game

  14. Toa Kraadak says

    Most of the storytellin comes from the environment… the rest is cointained in the official art book.

  15. kismet says

    So New Phrexyia basically

  16. Piøty says

    cool game nikitas told that it was cool, definitely gonna play

  17. NAHuel C says

    el diseño me recuerda mucho al trabajo de hans ruedi

  18. Laz GamePlays says

    1:35 "While there is shooting within the game, Scorn is NOT A SHOOTER"

  19. Marcelo Ávalos says

    un juego que un sonyer no puede, ellos no piensan

  20. Aram Orozco says

    H. R. Giger x Zidzlaw Beksinski: the Game

  21. King Kazuma says

    Alien and Prometheus vibes. H.R Giger inspired

  22. the wanderingartists says

    That was 4 months ago ? ಠಿ⁠_⁠ಠ Wow time does fly.

  23. 오므라이스 says

    voice actor dug..? hellraiser prist?

  24. Luca invernomuto says


  25. Ministro says

    Each set solo separately

  26. Jorge Salceda says

    This game is discustingly awsome

  27. G the Firm89 says

    Not coming for ps5? 😢

  28. szpaxon says

    Is that a unreal engine 5?

  29. Internet User says

    Doom + Dark Seed = Scorn

  30. Adam Myers says

    😲 Finally!

  31. I killed the waffle house says

    Why the hell does this game remind me of an engineer's ship, from Alien.

  32. Landon Michael says

    Gives me Agony Vibes

  33. T L says

    watch this at 0.75 speed its DOPE !you get a Fuller glimpses of details & environment plus, the narrator sounds cooler lol

  34. Ram Boi says

    Lowkey reminds me of the original prey

  35. psychshift says

    Colour me intrigued. Looking forward to the game.

  36. David Mason says

    Gman is that you?

  37. EJ Tamayo says

    This is honestly one of the creepiest but coolest looking games I've ever seen

  38. Rosa Galicia says


  39. Ed Frees says

    Interesting how these videos are never for adult audiences only, and always have ads running on them.

  40. —c0d3&d3s1gn says

    Looks as awesome as it is boring.

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