Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is finally back and available now in the Complete Edition:

The Complete Edition includes the original Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, plus both original DLC – the Knives Chau Add-On Pack, and the Wallace Wells DLC.

Play as your favorite characters and kick ass with up to three of your friends. Level up, learn epic abilities, and unlock secrets as you battle your way through waves of tough enemies on your way to defeat the League of Evil Exes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Complete Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch!

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  1. KoishiWii8 says

    This is like one of hundreds of video game gems that I've found out before and I've even watched a whole playthrough of it. Looks like it'd be my great chance to get it on the Switch. (I already have an account on Steam though.)

  2. kids phone says

    Hey I got the game

  3. Damian Mendez says

    dammit now I can’t buy this game coz I already bought it on my PlayStation

  4. Da real Lefty Fazbear says

    I love this game

  5. Rómulo Romero says


  6. Brooklyn Law says

    If there is a sequel to this game, it has to be called Scott Pilgrim VS. The Universe. Maybe the idea is Scott crosses over with other Nintendo IPs, like Mario, Zelda, Metroid or even Splatoon.

  7. cpmc1164 says

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact when it said play up to 3 friends it had Gideon and Lynette The final boss and a mini boss?

  8. Misael Rengel says

    ¡Cool! ❤

  9. JordyDark2001 says

    The SUPER SIMP games

  10. AbstrakPoWeTT says

    Play with up to 3friends, but they show two characters that are unplayable…..hmmmmmm possible unlockables or future dLc?

  11. Spunow says

    Who else wants more dlc for this game?

  12. Aroob Manzoor says

    "being vegan just makes you better than most people"

  13. mr crapucinno says

    This is the main reason why I bought a switch

  14. Robert Meyers says

    Not so long ago in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada
    Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler

  15. Julián Del Gobbo says

    Anyone knows if the game will be playable by four people with one joy-con each?

  16. Cian Caldera says

    Can you do a thingy on that rail?

  17. Jordanthehumanhedgehog says

    Scott Piligrim Vs. The World: The game is ba-? Yes!!! Finally, I was heartbroken when twas taken down from the Xbox store, because…some license or agreement stopped (I think). Now? I'm in love and when I get the time and/or money to get the game…I'm getting it. ^w^

  18. JackFly Studios says

    I like the way all the critics comments can be said on anything from Scott pilgrim

  19. neok1yte says

    Thou hath returned

  20. Vish the Fish says

    My happiness can not be expressed enough

  21. Rose Strife14 says

    Im so glad I get to fulfill my childhood dream of playing this

  22. Thombias says

    I don't get what's so great about this game or this Scott Pilgrim guy.

  23. Find That Music! says

    Ordered mine, never played this, looks like a blast!

  24. Gacha Miguel Official says

    I watch the movie before this trailer camed out

  25. William K Tips says

    I remember this game getting a movie

  26. realmufukker the says

    ve just seen the movie again, cant w8 2 play!!!!!!!! And gonna buy the KO version 22

  27. Danilo escobar castañeda says


  28. Yeeter629 says

    Gotta get it

  29. Lino Gómez Jonathan Armando says

    Engineer gaming

  30. Blaze The Kitten says

    I have never seen this game in my life.

  31. AlexL. Pizza says


  32. Luis Verduzco says

    I’m in lesbians with this game

  33. luis herrera says

    Worth it?

  34. HPLWonder says

    simply the amount of pure video game references in here make me extremely happy, and I grabbed the game as soon as I managed to, and boy is this game a joy.

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