Sea Of Thieves Season Seven Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

  1. Daniel plunkett says

    Fishing voyages ???

  2. Torraske 666 says

    muy bonito juego, gracias por otra temporada mas de puros cosmeticos y basura q no mejora practicamente en nada el juego… a ver para cuando meten cosas q de verdad valgan la pena, diferentes barcos, diferentes modos de juego, lo unico q meten es basura estetica para q gastes tu orito virtual, que desperdicio de potencial para este juego, cada vez q veo lo q meten en cada temporada me arrepiento de haberlo comprado

  3. Spikewillrule says

    I hope captaincy has to be earned

  4. Ajaxx says

    fire ngl

  5. Christian Wiksten says

    goosebumps at 1:25

  6. Sehr says


  7. Tom Stricken says

    We brought updates that were free
    To those who sailed the sea
    Though there’s always more potential within

    And as this song will spell out
    There’s plenty to sing about
    Now that you can finally be a captain!

    Can you imagine owning your own ship?
    Decorated with what you acquire?
    Then to satisfy your vanity, (as long as there’s no profanity)
    You can name it just how you desire!

    Ooohhh, to set sail as a pirate captain!
    There’s boat loads of new features we proclaim
    Oh to set sail as a pirate captain
    That’s why we really think that you should play this game!

    (And its available with Xbox game pass of course!)

    Oh to set sail as a pirate captain
    Adventure will come knocking on your door!
    Oh to set sail as a pirate captain
    And you’ll be amazed at what we have in store!

    The choice is yours whatever captain you may be
    Whether that’s gold lootin
    No-scope shootin
    Rowboat racing
    Bar embracing
    Everybody’s welcome in this game!

    Soooo come set sail as a pirate captain!
    Our time is almost up, so as we leave!
    If you want to be a pirate captain!
    Come do it in season seven of Sea of Thieves!

  8. William Dungan says

    song goes hard

  9. TheMangoArtificer says

    its finally here captaincy

  10. Andy Hammill says

    Playable Piano's Confirmed?

  11. [UglyBarn 58] says

    This is catchy

  12. Chronologix says

    Played live from the Sea Dog's Arena Tavern….wait a second

  13. cobbwall says

    I took a guess that they would make a more convenient way to turn in loot and everyone bit my head off. Rare cares!

  14. Sour Skittle says

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a trailer done in song before. Genius. Can’t wait!

  15. Mango Dango says

    about time

  16. TOPFUNKO says

    This looks awesome

  17. sogig? says


  18. Liam Bushaw says

    This is on my birthday

    I’m so excited

  19. Salty Crusader says

    1:21 except PlayStation gamers. 🙁

  20. Gunslinger says

    let’s go 71st

  21. Vinicius Silva says

    Finally we can name the ship

  22. Mel Ancholy says


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